Thursday, July 14, 2011

Original MacKenzie-Child Estate FOR SALE!

Do you know who currently lives here?:
Answer: Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs

Do you have an extra $1.1 million dollars that you would like to invest? Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs are selling their home in Aurora, NY on Cayuga Lake - the home where it all started!
The WHOLE house reflects their unique and individual artistic flair, hand painted walls, courtly checks, Victoria's closet ceiling and wall covered in pottery shards, and a hidden hallway in which you enter through an armoire. The dining room might make some dizzy, but I would love to host a party here:
And my favorite room of all - this sun room in the front corner of the house. The individually, hand painted floor tiles are all original templates for many of their original terra cotta designs:
The home is currently a Bed and Breakfast, with a gift shop which sells their new houseware items V and R Emprise, operated by their daughter and son-in-law. The grounds are breathtaking, with views of the lake, wisteria covered grapevine arbor, a small art studio, a huge carriage house - But this is worth a peek at, so visit the Southeby's site to view the whole estate here.
NO, I am not a realtor, but this is such a beautiful home that I needed to share this with all of you M-C lovers!

I'll be at the M-C Barn Sale tomorrow!


  1. Thanks Patti, but I think I'll decline on this offer.

    And yummy watermelon martinis in your earlier post!! Will try them this weekend.

  2. Oh, Patti, I'm sure it must make your heart skip a beat to think of that estate being for sale! To tell the truth, $1.1 million sounds like a really good price for the property! Of course, I don't have an extra million lying around waiting to be spent. But if I were a billionaire, I'd buy this estate and give it to you. :)

  3. Oh my...I will go right over and see this.
    Thanks for the heads up....
    xoxo bj

  4. Fabulous, Patti! Thanks for sharing this! That dining room is so Alice in Wonderland-ish - are you walking on the floor or the ceiling feeling with the black and white all over.

  5. Wow!

    I'm looking forward to reading about the sale. Have fun!

  6. Fun to see this, Patti. I've been to Aurora, so it's fun to see their private residence. ~ Sarah


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