Sunday, July 17, 2011

MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale 2011

Our day began with lunch at the Aurora Inn. My friend Rhonda (pictured) and I sat outside, overlooking Cayuga Lake. Lunch was fabulous; I had a chicken, cucumber and dill salad on a lemon scone with homemade potato chips...never even got a photo because my mouth was watering! The girls in the back right were at M-C Barn Sale, in line, for 2 hours and left after hearing that it would be 2 more hours before they could enter!
The Inn has many rooms and this was a small pub downstairs, picturing the Inn years ago:
This was an outdoor dance area with beautiful views:

We arrived at M-C around 2:00 and were told that the wait was over 3 hours to enter and 1:45 to check out. It was about 85' and the line looked like this one way:
and looked like this at the end:
NO SALE is worth this to me, so we went into the store, shopped a bit and decided to go to Skaneateles Lake for some afternoon cocktails. We stopped at the Blue Water Grill for a drink, shopped some of the boutiques and then had another drink at the Sherwood Inn. A beautiful day, but no Barn Sale, and I was a bit disappointed!! The Saturday paper reported that 4000 people attended the sale on Friday!
I returned on Sunday at 9:00 am, parked in the first row, walked right in, and had a great time shopping! No lines, no crowds, plenty of Courtly Check and only a 5-10 minute check out time!

Here are only a few things I purchased:
Large Honeymoon Bowl (recently retired pattern):
Courtly Check bowls and luncheon plates to fit in my server:
Small teapot and flowers:
Tassels (bought a few different styles):
And some Christmas ornaments:
I can't show you the rest of the treasures I found because they are gifts! But I was pleased with what was left on the last day of the sale and what I purchased. There was only one thing I had on my list that wasn't available and I really didn't need it!

So, the moral of this story is simple:
Have Patience
Go on Sunday, early, and there are no lines, nobody pushing, no grouchy people, and still plenty to choose from (with additional discounts)!
Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. I'm with you, I would not wiat in line for three to four hours. You were smart to wait and you still got some great pieces.


  2. I also went Friday about 11:00, we left after hearing about the 4 hour wait, returned around 2:00 and was told it was still 2-3 hours to get in. We went again on Saturday, (3 times a charm!) and got in after a 30 minute wait . Lots of Courtly check was available in the barn! The checkout had no line at all. The only disappointment was when I got home and opened the box, I only had a salt shaker, no pepper! Guess I have to go again next year!

  3. I'd love to attend one year, but like you I'm not going to wait in those lines. Glad you had a successful shopping trip on Sunday. ~ Sarah

  4. I wouldn't wait in line for that long either. Glad you were able to find some great treasures. I love the tea pot. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  5. I would not wait in line either!!! But glad you had a chance to go back!

  6. What a treat! I love M.C. but I wouldn't stand in line for 3 hours for ANYBODY! Glad you got in the next day. Love everything!

  7. I am going Sunday next year :-) Great post!

  8. Oh ~~~~ looks like a fun shopping trip!

    have a great weekend:))

    Kay Ellen