Sunday, June 26, 2011

My necklace storage solution

I have seen a lot of storage solutions for necklaces and I needed an area where I could hide mine, see it at a glance and grab what I needed. This is the entry door to my bedroom and the closed door is my closet:
I bought 4 racks for $2.00 ea at the Flea Market and hung them behind the entry door:
No one can see them, even if they enter the room, because the open door hides them:
It is so easy to find what I am looking for:
Especially if I keep them sorted by color:
A quick organized solution for only $8.00!
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  1. GREAT storage idea and you have beaucoup gorgeous necklaces!

  2. Great idea Patti. You have lots of pretty jewelry.


  3. I need to steal this idea, I actually have a space in my walk in closet.

  4. Such a smart idea! I can never find the necklace I want to wear and end up giving up. I have to show this one to my hubby (so I can use him to potentially put up some racks!).


  5. Very organized, Patti! I like that they are hidden behind the door, too.

  6. Great idea! I loved your necklaces. Didn't know someone else is as crazy for necklaces as I am. ha! Between the two of us, we could open a store. ha ha Susan

  7. You have a lot of necklaces!!! Great idea for organizing them in the space behind the door. Those racks are a perfect fit for that spaced. It looks pretty too!
    I laughed when I read your comment on my blog about getting a chair and racing Bruce. He has it all planned out now for evening walks. He thinks he will set the chair for 4 miles per hr. and pace me so that I get in a good walk!! We have too many hills around here for that!
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. p.s. Hi Patti...Thanks for your visit to my blog and comment, too.

    By the way, the photos of the ocean were taken in Old Lyme, Connecticut. It's a lovely, lovely place. Come back to visit soon, okay? Susan.


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