Friday, April 2, 2010

Aren't these adorable?

Mag at Craft With Me had a "guessing game" contest a few months ago. She painted 2217 beans on a bathroom wall and asked us to guess how many she painted. So, my mathematical mind started counting rows and columns in her photo and I imagined the rest of her bathroom and took a guess - I can't pass up a challenge! My guess was 2430 - so not too far off - but the real shocker here is that Mag actually painted each one - all 2217! You must visit her blog just to see this!! A quick scroll through and you will also find some fabulous painting on her children's bedroom wall and adorable stencil paintings of those cute boys!
Mag makes felt food for children and my prize was three rolled cake snacks (my girls always called them HoHos). I am building up a toy box for Carter so when he is old enough to stay at Nana's, he will find these there!

And speaking of Carter, he's in Florida visiting his great grandmother and great-great grandmother

Thanks again, Mag, Happy Blogging!


  1. So adorable and fun! Carter is the cutest!! Happy Easter Patti!


  2. Patti your little Carter is adorable! Be blessed. Cindy


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