Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Games People Play

This is an easy idea for a quick little gift for a friend. These jewelry pieces were made from dominos.
To make the necklace, you must first drill a hole large enough for a jump ring to hang freely. The dominos are best prepped by either sanding lightly with fine sand paper, or soaking a few hours in bleach. Any permanent stamping ink will work on these (I like Stazon). I finish the edges with a Krylon marker.
The pin above was finished with a spray acrylic and the pin below was finished with diamond glaze, with a few mini beads sprinkled on top. I use self-adhesive pin backs, but I reinforce with E6000 glue
So simple, and such a conversation piece. Many old game pieces can be turned into fun jewelry- use your imagination!

JANE, I'm waiting for your address, one of these is for you!

I'm joining Thrifty Thursday at Tales From Bloggeritaville. Don't be a party pooper - go see what other thrifty ideas are being shared!


  1. Well how cool are you!?! You need to sell these if you don't already!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  2. Amazing pieces of jewelry. Love the uniqueness of them.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my place! I love your blog! ~Marcy

  4. I saw one somewhere on a blog where they LEFT the domino dots and glued in rhinestones - - - then decorated the reverse side. I thought it was AWESOME! Great idea - - -

  5. Now I'd love to play with those...especially the 'time' piece.
    Great way to go Thrifty ;-)

  6. Patti,
    I never seen Domino's used for jewelery before,what a great idea! I seen cool pieces made from Scrabble or old typewriter piece, but nothing as creative as this!

  7. You did a great job on them - pretty.

  8. What a fun idea! I am always so amazed at how creative this blogging community is!!!

  9. Hi Patti!

    That is gorgeous! I am a amazed! So very creative! Thanks for sharing today. Thank you also for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  10. I never realized these were so easy to make. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  11. I can remember running to Big Lots and clearing them out of boxes of dominos at a time---one snowy weekend when I still lived in NY I made over 50 pins and/or pendants in one day! My fingers would be stained with alcohol inks for days afterward!


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Thanks for stopping by!



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