Friday, November 20, 2009

A very confusing time for me...

I am hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at my home this year, however I usually decorate for Christmas the day before and after. I just want Thanksgiving to move over to another month, or to just get out of my way - I am too anxious to decorate my new home this year! So when my guests arrive, they will see some specs of fall on the dining table and smatherings of Christmas here and there. So, with that in mind here is one of the last bits of fall I will show you and then it will be "on with the holiday spirit".

I bought a bunch of fall scented candles in the sale section of the Chritmas Tree Shop. They have three different scents and colors, and each has a wooden top. I knew immediately how I would use them.

I decorated them with leaves and ribbons and wrapped wire around them to hold a place card.
A very simple idea and an inexpensive favor for 15 guests- Cathy, act surprised when you see these!!
More importantly...I need a new digital camera. In the past 2 months, I have dropped 2 of them - and if you have never dropped a digital camera, don't EVER!! Once dropped, they never seem to work well, if at all....ANY SUGGESTIONS?...what type do you have?


  1. What a creative idea. They look so cute. You have the best ideas.

  2. How cute...wonderful idea for your guests!


  3. What a nice hostess you out favors to your guests! My family is going to be happy if they see a hot meal on the table :-)
    I use a Canon camera. I have a Canon PowerShot SD750 that I carry in my purse all the time (never know when you need to take a picture!) and then I have a Canon EOS 20D that I use quite a bit for my blog photos. It was my son's but he upgraded and I got his old one.

  4. The camera I have now is a Nikon Cool Pix, that's what I took the Thanksgiving card picture with. It was given to me, 8 megapixels and seems to work fine. Have a good holiday (can't beleive you have your Christmas theme on your blog already----)


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Thanks for stopping by!