Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A little more MacKenzie-Childs

I'm joining Bloggeritatville for Thrifty Thursday and Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday

A quick tutorial on imitation:

I needed one more thing to match my MacKenzie-Childs knock-offs I made to match my new M-C clock, so I bought a cylinder at GW and covered it with M-C tissue paper.

This is how to adhere tissue paper to glass. Cut the tissue paper a bit larger than needed.
Slap on some mod podge with a brush and gently lay the tissue over the glue:
Work in sections and repeat!! Trim the edges with sharp scissors. It's as easy as that.

I am joining Between Naps on the Porch today for Tablescape Thursday. Hop on over to see some lovely tables.

I would love to pretend that this is my kitchen and these are my dishes and glasses, that I polish this silverware weekly and that this cool checkered table and chairs are all mine...
...and that this is my dining room, with the most lovely fluted bowls and plates and the sweetest stemware.

But I can't take once ounce of credit. This is the farmhouse at MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, NY and these are the displays in 2 of the rooms. It is the most happiest house to visit. The gift shop is so stunning and, although I didn't buy anything for my table, I did purchase this clock:

I suppose now I should consider setting my own table, huh?


  1. Patti, thanks so much for the tutorial on making that MacKenzie Childs knock off glass. It's cute as can be. Aren't their things just so happy? Loved seeing this room...

    Happy Thrifty Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. LOL, you and me both about table setting! lol...Im terrible!

  3. Such a lovely tablescape! Im into black & white these days also! Happy fall to you and please stop over for a visit soon!

  4. You know I love the black and white, your tables look so perfect, so creative, just love them both...

  5. Actually, it is kind of nice to see there are options of pictures when I run out of dishes. I'm only 2 weeks into Tablescape Thursday and I'm wondering how long I can keep it up!

    I love both tables, and your easy craft project is something I will try. Thanks!


  6. Patti, I love all teh checks. Indeed what a fabulous place. Now you need to checkerboard your chairs...
    Thanks for participating in Thrifty Thursday this week! Some great finds, my friend!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  7. Great idea for you knock off M glasses!! Her style is so whimsical and sweet! Would love to visit her shop sometime!


  8. How creative! Thanks for visiting our blog, hope you stop by again.
    Teri @

  9. For some reason that second pic reminds me of alice in Wonderland.

    nannykim from Spindle cottage

  10. I just found this post and wondered if you can remember where you found the checked tissue paper? I'm working out a M-C dining room (which is how I found you) but I'm having trouble finding black and white checks!

    Thanks :)


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Thanks for stopping by!