Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Some Tidbits about MacKenzie-Childs….

I am sure you all know this by now, but I will remind you:

The MC Barn Sale is coming soon:

Here are a few tidbits from "behind the scenes":

They really do hand-paint marble with feathers.

Every morning, the ceramic artists mix their own paints, which are kept in cookie jars in the studio.

Each Courtly Check Flower Pot requires four firings and no two are alike!

The first enamelware collection was fondly named Camp MacKenzie-Childs, based on the notion of the old enamelware used by cowboys who camped on the range. Roasted Marshmallow was appropriately named for the soft amber tones that glisten on the creamy white checks!  Roasted Marshmallow (now called Courtly Check) and Pressed Flowers were part of that original collection.

The grounds are lovely with ponds, swans, flowers, farm animals and this veggie garden overlooking Cayuga Lake:

Ceilings are decorated in product....

...the water carts depict paintings of the grounds and lake...

...and there is plenty of back stock for the Barn Sale:

It's the highlight of July in the Finger Lakes region of NY!


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  1. Agghh, you're killing me! I wanna go!

  2. Yes I want to go!!! The ceiling alone must be worth standing in line to see, and then the bargains...!

  3. Patti, you are dangling that carrot really close this morning. Oh, how I want to go to this sale one day. You girls are going to have a fun time. Thanks for sharing this post. Love seeing all these details and brings back wonderful memories of the one time I actually got to visit The Farm.

  4. Like my own personal tour. I would love to go. On my bucket list.

  5. Looking forward to the sale....maybe I will see you there!


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Thanks for stopping by!