Monday, March 23, 2015

"Carter" was here…. and the Polish St Patty's Party

We had surprise guests at the 2nd Annual Polish St Patty's Day celebration at my niece's house in Rochester over the weekend:

Sara and Carter came from Ohio and surprised us!

I made appetizers with the colors of the Irish flag:

and lots of sweets:

And we had a few too many drinks:

So, Carter came back to Syracuse with us and immediately pulled out this chair:

My grandmother bought this chair 80 years ago for $.25 for my mother, when she was 2 y/o.  The chair has been used by 4 generations in our family!

And hopefully some day Carter's children will also sit in it!

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  1. He is a cutie! I like the tradition of a Polish St. Patrick's Day party. '-)

  2. What a nice surprise visit! Love the Polish St. Patrick's Day! Your grandson is a cutie. Hope you have sobered up by this afternoon! lol xo Diana


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Thanks for stopping by!