Monday, March 18, 2013

Memories of Guadeloupe and an Impromptu Cocktail Hour

I bought these cocktail napkins last year at Anthropologie.  I love the colors and funky prints and have used them quite often - but I only have 4:
While I was in Guadeloupe 2 weeks ago, I fell in love with the madras plaids in the colorful marketplace:
 So, the hunt began - could I possibly find cocktail napkins on an island where most of the vendors speak French Creole?  I had fun using my basic french, but the closest to "cocktail napkins" I could translate was  "le fabrique pour la table, pour le bouche"... (you should have been there when we tried to find "une toilette" - but that's a whole other post) the hunt took me to a fabric store where I bought two different pieces of madras:
 ...and I made 8 more cocktail napkins to coordinate with the Anthro napkins:
 I used them for the first time over the weekend for an impromptu cocktail hour:
 The napkins coordinate well with my favorite little hors d'oeurvre dishes and they will always remind me of a fun day (journee de plaisir) in Guadeloupe.
They also share the colors of some of the swizzle sticks I collected back in my college days - - do you remember when bars and restaurants all used swizzle sticks rather than those silly little striped plastic straws?
I am glad I kept my collection - it's fun to walk down memory lane, especially during a fun happy hour!

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  1. What wonderful memories and I am glad you kept your collection, too, Patti. I love the napkins you made- xo Diana

  2. They do match your pretty little flower dishes so well! Looks like a fun cocktail hour. Yes, I have a good sized collection of swizzle sticks too. I really like those things, and we have fun using them. laurie

  3. Sounds like an amazing trip! My parents had a collection of swizzle sticks like yours on their bar cart but my mom must have tossed them in one of her purges!!! Wish they still had them - love yours!

  4. Love the colors! I have some swizzle sticks from US Air. Maybe some day they will be worth something? LOL

  5. Pretty colors and wonderful memories for sure! Love that huge tray.

  6. Love the beautiful fun colors, you must have been so excited to be around all of those charming colorful them and love that wonderful tray too..

  7. Darling! Now pull them out and mix them with some of your Courtly Check...they'll be spectacular! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  8. What a fun trip, Patti, and such pretty madras you purchased to coordinate with your Anthropologie ones.

  9. So fun and full of life!

    - The Tablescaper


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