Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The sights of Labadee, Haiti

It's hard to believe that poverty and filth lies not too far from here due to years of conflict and the recent earthquake:
What surprised me the most was the mountainous landscape and the beauty that hid all of that:

The native artisans were extremely intimidating and assertive, making it difficult to browse the shops
But the beautiful water made it a lovely place to swim and sunbathe

Haiti was a beautiful place to spend a day

Come back tomorrow to spend a day in Tulum, Mexico at the Mayan Ruins


  1. Oh my, it is hard to believe. The photos are beautiful.

  2. It is amazng what a poor country can do when money is involved. I am sure that was the first place to get checked and made sure it was just right for all the money carrying tourist. The same is true for Jamica. When we were there We found it beautiful and serene then we went up into the mountains to a plantation. mmmmm a much better picture of things.
    looks wonderful

  3. Fisherhubby and I lived in Haiti with our two oldest children for three months during the summer of 1984. We lived out on the Island of La Gonave where hubby worked in the hospital.

  4. ...sigh...I bet you had a lot of drinks with pretty little umbrellas in them!!

  5. O, what beautiful photos of a beautiful place.
    It makes me sad to know that "all is not pretty there".
    Thanks for sharing your time there with us.

  6. Such a beautiful sad everything they've been through.

  7. Great blog love all the posts! Love the pictures! Thanks for keeping us updated.


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