Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Pandemic Party for Two....

The 2020 self-isolation Covid-19 Pandemic is in its 6th week for us.  

We are running out of things to do, so today we decided to have a 
"Party for Two"

While organizing my bookshelf the other day, I came across these books by Jill Connor Browne.  I remember hearing about the Sweet Potato Queens back in the late 90's.  Browne wrote the books in the late 90's and early 2000's.  These books were filled with humor and daring adventures from a group of fun woman in Mississippi.  

The Sweet Potato Queens Big Ass Cookbook has a recipe for Bacon Wraps and I decided to make it for Happy Hour today.

They are very simple - and the aroma in the kitchen was mouth watering!

Here is the recipe:

These were a tasty delight and I will definitely make them again:

While they were cooking I decided to make a pitcher of frozen Strawberry Daiquiris and set up a tray for the drinks and hors d'oeuvres:

I painted these highball glasses a while ago with a little black, white and gold enamel paint:

I placed my black Flower Market luncheon plate on top of my mini checked pedestal platter:

 I used my mini Courtly Check appetizer plates.  Sadly, these are no longer on the MacKenzie-Childs website.  I would love another set of 4 because I use them quite often - and hopefully we can start entertaining again soon:

I was lucky enough to find this in the freezer, so I pulled out some rum, the blender and ice and made our frozen cocktails:

 Frozen drinks make me dream of summer days ahead!

Today's Happy Hour helped raise our spirits of being isolated from family and friends for so long!


What are you doing to raise your spirits?

Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. Yum, Patti, those little bites sound yummy. I can't drink rum, but those daiquiris sure look refreshing. Oh, maybe just one....

  2. Girl!!!! You DO know how to make a party no matter what the circumstances are!!!! Haven’t thought of the Sweet Potatoe Queens in so long...they were such a big thing back in the day down here...hahahahaha!!!

  3. Well, I think this just looks delightful, Patti. And I love the idea of your own special party during these times. I find that Rick and I are enjoying making the most of dining during these times. We are lucky -- we can afford food, unlike so many others. So, we "fix it pretty" and "serve it nicely." And it makes these challenging times a bit more special. I think I might have to try those wraps!