Thursday, August 22, 2019

Easy Little Appetizers for Happy Hour

Around three o'clock everyday we are looking for a little snack, and maybe a summer cocktail, on the front porch.  

I compiled these photos, just for my reference, for when I run out of ideas, but thought it might also give you a few ideas!  Some were served to guests and others just for the two of us.

Here are a few tidbits that we enjoy:

Mini grilled cheese sandwiches....

Grapes and Cheddar Cheese with Chocolate Balsamic:

"Anything" rolled up in Tortilla Wraps:

A simple tray of cheese and crackers and tortilla chips with home made salsa....

...or cheese and tomatoes on a skewer - with a last minute drizzle of balsamic:

Any type of meatball:

Veggies on a skewer with a dab of flavored cream cheese:

Bruschetta on toasted bagette slices:

Skewered fruit:

Mini quiches:

Pasta Salad on a skewer:

Pretzels with a mustard and maple syrup dip:

Chili lime dip and crackers:

Mini chicken salads:

Taco Dip and chips: 

Cute individual bags of flavored peanuts:

These are just a few ideas of "snackies", "tidbits", "appies", "amuse bouche" - whatever you want to call them - that we have enjoyed munching on with friends or just the two of us!!

Hope this gives you some inspiration!!


  1. It all looks great on the Courtney check

  2. Is the mustard/maple dipping sauce a 50/50 ratio? Sounds good:@)

  3. Patti, I pinned this. So many great and easy ideas all in one post. Thanks!

  4. I would rather have a few apps than a big meal for dinner, these all look very tempting!


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Thanks for stopping by!