Thursday, January 10, 2019

Valentine Ideas....

Here are some inexpensive creative ideas and decorations for Valentine's Day 
TEN on the 10th, 
where bloggers share ideas that cost under $10 on the 10th of the month!!   

I was "late" for the party this time, so I will not be part of the blog hop, however hop around to see what other bloggers came up with, their links are at the bottom of the post!

Take a $3.00 can of spray paint and "pretty up" your snowbanks!

Use glass enamel paint to add flair to a plain glass votive dish ($1 at Dollar store)

Make some candy treat pouches for the kiddies (1 sheet of felt for $1.29 and a piece of plastic I had around the house):

Paint some cheap wooden craft hearts and hang them on your treat jar 
(wooden hearts from craft store for $1)....

....or candlesticks....

...or cupboard doors... 

...or bake some mini cookies (ingredients I had on hand)...

...look around your home for "heart shaped" items and display them together:

...and look on your bookshelf for inspiration:

You'll be surprised what you will find....

...and when all else fails, a bowl of kisses and hugs are always a festive touch ($3.00)!

Visit these bloggers to see what inexpensive ideas they are sharing for Valentines Day:

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Barb at French Ethereal

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  1. Great ideas. I'll add you to my party list, Patti. I love the checked heart.

  2. Patti this is amazing! I LOVE the checkerboard heart.

  3. Patti, these ideas are just too cute! I love the spray painting of hearts in the snow...wish we had snow! :-) I've added you to my list on my blog! So glad to be joining you! Hugs!

  4. Your ideas are always so clever. I'm a follower of most all these blogs and I don't really understand being late to the party when you posted at 6am, but whatever.

  5. Wonderful ideas, Patti. It's hard to pick a favorite!

  6. Patti, I love them all....but those cookies!! I still haven't worked off my Christmas cookies, but I'm drooling over those hearts. Delish!!

  7. What adorable ideas! I love the little heart treat pouch! The cookies look divine!!!

  8. All great ideas! Christmas is all packed away here and the valentine things are soon to make an appearance.

  9. I wish I had some snow to paint! But I'm sure going to try all your other beautiful ideas. Valentines is probably my favorite holiday. How can you go wrong with hearts and chocolate?

  10. I love your painted check things Patti! You've given me some ideas...

  11. Love all the sweet things you came up with for Valentine's {and I pinned almost all of them!}, Patti! This is definitely a fun blog hop to be on ~ happy to be with you today. :) I agree with Benita above, the hearts in the snowbank are genius!!! <3

    Happy hugs to you,
    Barb :)

  12. Hi Patti! I love all your Valentine's ideas and all the hearts are precious. <3 Of course the heart-shaped cookies make me want to eat them. ;) Just stopping back by to read your post this evening and to pin a few more photos for you.

    Happy to be an alternate with you on this 10 on the 10th blog hop,
    Barb :)

  13. Great ideas. Especially when we look around the house and find things that work together for a fun vignette. And oh my, those mini cookies looked extremely yummy!

  14. So many fun heart ideas.

    The Hershey Kiss idea won't work here because the dish would be empty too quickly.

  15. Patti, thanks so much for sharing this month's Ten on the 10th Valentine theme. You have some great ideas too and I'm so glad you shared them. I could do them all ~ except for the snow bank, which is so cute ~ but we don't get that kind of snow here in Texas. I wonder if it will work on ice!Keep the good stuff coming.

  16. Such cute ideas Patti! Love that stitched heart pouch with felt. Nothing like some hand made love to make Valentine’s even more special!

  17. Very cute ideas patti. Valentines will soon be here.


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