Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tour de Rose´

Last week Mom and I attended a fun event at a local restaurant.  We were invited to taste a variety of Rose´ wines and help the restaurant choose a few to add to their wine menu.

We learned that Rose´wines are made from red grapes and are basically a light colored, light bodied red wine.  The principal behind making rose´ is developing little color in the juice from the skins of the grapes (almost all red grapes have clear juice).  

When we chose our favorites, we were instructed to place a small Phoebe's card in the glass in front of the wine.  The most popular will be added to Phoebe's wine list.

While tasting, we enjoyed veggies and dip, hummus, rye bread and dip, bruschetta....

...and fruit and cheeses!

We also were served spring rolls and spanakopita!

I really enjoyed the Dorsay wine from France....

...but my favorite was Dona Paula from Argentina, a light pink color, high acidic wine, with a fresh scent of berries and violets!  

Mom's favorite was Fleurs de Prairie from France, a pale colored wine with a delicate, refreshing flavor of strawberry, rose petals and herbs, and the bottle is so pretty, with flowers along the base!

We then enjoyed a delicious cup of Tomato Bisque drizzled with Chive Oil!

Last Spring Phoebe's held a Tito's and Tapas Party - you can read about it HERE

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  1. Patti, this looks like another fun event. I recall the Tito's event last year because Austin is the home of Tito's. The rosé looks tempting. I would probably go for the lighter colored French one.

  2. Over the weekend, we tried a Rose made in the South of France. It's Bon Jovi's wine "Diving into Hampton Water". It's a lovely bottle too. Bought a bottle to bring to a girls night. Now I would love a cup of that delicious Tomato Bisque drizzled with Chive Oil. My chives are coming up!

  3. Hahahaha that meme at the end!
    WHat a great event to be able to participate in. You'll have to do a postscript on which one got chosen as the overall favorite. That bottle for the Fleurs de Prairie is beautiful! Imagine repurposing that bad boy!

  4. Hi Patti, what a lovely way to spend time with your mom. The food looks delicious and the wine so refreshing and light. I would have to try all before I choose :) We have Rose from France in the wine rack.....

  5. What a fun outing!!! I’m still lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to Rose. I was gifted a bottle last year but have never opened it. To test it out with such tasty and colorful foods....mmmmmmm!!!! Having a tasting like this would be a GREAT idea for a birthday party or shower or girls night in...what fun!!! Thanks for the idea!!!

  6. I would've LOVED this event, and I like Argentinian wines, too!!! :D


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