Thursday, May 11, 2017

George Washington lives here....

I have been calling my husband "George Washington" lately....

...let me explain....

...we have a flowering cherry tree that we planted when we first moved here.  The last 2 winters ended abruptly with very warm weather, and then winter came back with a vengeance and killed part of the tree...

...we hoped the tree would survive as it is so pretty in full bloom, however...

.. because the frost killed half of the tree, my husband decided to cut it back in hopes of saving it...

...and here is our poor, pathetic tree....

...and that is why I call him George!

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  1. Beautiful blooms and funny story.

  2. There's always hope, by George!

  3. Oh Martha -- oh, I mean Patti -- this is so sad and so hilarious too! One day I came home to find my house painters had cut off an entire long branch from my old cherry. I nearly fainted, then called in the pros. At least your hubby did a very nice job of shaping it! Here's hoping for the best! Linda

  4. 😂 I have a George too, he is deadly with the trimmers...

  5. At least George didn't cut it down, so I have the eternal hope of a gardener. It will flourish next year! ;-) Cherry blossoms are so gorgeous.

  6. I'm so happy George didn't chop down that cherry treee. How beautiful with it's blooms. Hopefully, next spring it will reward you with beautiful blooms.......

  7. So sad, but a little funny! It will come back next year ;-)


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Thanks for stopping by!