Thursday, March 9, 2017

I love garlic...and zucchini...

I love garlic and always have it in the pantry.  

Did you know that garlic contains antioxidants that protect against cell damage and ageing.

You wouldn't know that I am in my 80's...

...ok that's a BIG lie, and I am not sure if it has helped me with ageing, but it sure tastes good!

I planted some garlic in the fall and the sprouts are peeking up, and as you know I am not much of a gardener, but 3 sprouts is an impressive task for me to be proud of:

While blog hopping the other night, I came across THIS recipe for:

Zucchini Ribbons with Lemon and Roasted Garlic

I am always looking for new ways to prepare zucchini, one of my favorite vegetables!

I took a half head of garlic, drizzled some garlic olive oil on top with some salt and garlic pepper and roasted it...

I sliced the zucchini in thin strips and laid them in a woven pattern...

...and sliced 1/2 lemon...

...I spread the garlic on the zucchini and placed the lemon on top and baked for about 30 min @ 350'...

...and then broiled it for a few minutes.. the time I got it on the serving plate, it lost its shape a little bit...

...but was certainly tasty!

Got any unique ways to prepare zucchini?

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  1. Why does your poor garlic have stones on top of it?

  2. Patti, just kidding about the stones :-) Joe's garlic is coming up too. I love zucchini and yours sound yummy.

  3. I love garlic too, but my husband doesn't. Perhaps he is a vampire.....

  4. I'm not a fan of garlic, it doesn't like me either and it is just one of those foods I avoid is possible. The zucchini I love and I would substitute onion in the recipe. Sure looks pretty served up on the CC.......

  5. So glad you liked it!! Thanks for the shout out Pattie!

  6. We love roasted garlic spread on bread. Roast it and scoop it right out of the pods onto warm toasty bread. Yum!
    Cutest photo of you, Patti!


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Thanks for stopping by!