Tuesday, January 31, 2017

del Lago Casino and the new MacKenzie-Childs store.....

Today was the soft opening of the del Lago Casino in the Finger Lakes Region of NY.

We were invited to attend this soft opening and were pleasantly surprised to be offered Open Bar and free buffet lunch from 11:00-5:00!

We started the morning with a Bloody Mary, a beer and playing the slot machines!

The main reason I looked forward to this event was to see the new Mackenzie-Childs store.  They are leasing a huge retail space and also sell some Jay Strongwater products, local Finger Lakes wines and a few other local products.

I was so excited to see many new items that I imagine will be highlighted in the next catalog - the butterfly chair is gorgeous and the new dining table and striped and checked dining chairs are stunning!  The center of the store has a counter for various planned events and is flanked by Courtly Checked bar stools:

The floral bouquets reminded me on this snowy afternoon that spring is around the corner!

I adore the new canisters - they have a rubber seal and I think I like them more than the cookie jar style canister...

...and these new rectangle enamel canisters can hold recipe cards or anything you want hidden!

The new dishtowels are full of color...

...and the tassel display was dazzling:

This entry table displayed their seasonal spring and Easter items, and their beautiful table bases:

I drooled over this new checked dining chair - I only want 2, but at $1000 each, I might have to rethink this idea....

...The Morning Glory enamelware was mixed with the Courtly Checked ceramics and elegant stemware...

...and check out this "to die for" chandelier:

As in all their stores, the table settings are displayed to perfection:

Something I was anxious to see was the Woman's Restroom, which was decorated by MacKenzie-Childs...

...and look at these lovely sconce lamps that framed each mirror:

I wanted to peek in the men's room to see how that was decorated but I came to my senses quickly and decided to go play the slots and have another Bloody Mary!  John said there were a "lot of checks" (how's that for a description?)

The casino is right off the NYS Thruway and will open their hotel in the summer.

Most people go to a casino to gamble... 

that's a lot of fun, but I will also be back to SHOP!!

Thanks del Lago for a great day!!

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Here are pics of the Men's restroom:

The Men Behind the Traveling Totes...

The Traveling Tote Ladies always post photos of ourselves with the Traveling Tote and I thought it would be fun to show the "men" behind the the totes!  

My husband John retired from sales almost 9 years ago.  He enjoys all sports, bicycling and has recently enjoyed kayaking on a lake a few miles from our home.  He is a good sport about driving me out to MacKenzie-Childs and always enjoys the Farmhouse Tour.

We have met Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs numerous times and one time he told Richard that he often wondered if we were related because "his name" was on many items in our home!!! And then proceeded to tell Richard he was welcome at our house for Christmas Dinner!

He is always is always teasing me when I ask him to take a photo of me with my tote, but generally is a good sport!!

One of my favorite pics of him was taken in Skagway, Alaska with this statue of 2 frontiersmen:

My birthday was at the beginning of December and he pulled through, supporting my addiction...

...with the "now retired" wristlet:

He was also a big help delivering Christmas gifts this year...

New Years Day, as we were leaving for a party, I made him stop for another photo....obviously he is now getting annoyed with me....

....and when we arrived at the party, his friends told him they liked his "man purse".... I had a feeling that would be the last photo I got of him!!


...I got one more chance when he carried my bag out to the car for my overnight getaway to my daughter's!!

Take a peek and meet a few of the "other men behind the totes":

Debbie with Miss Aurora @ Mountain Breaths 
Jenna with Miss Coquille @ The Painted Apron

Rita with Miss Luna C Panoply 

We are also excited to welcome Jenna to our group!!  
Our next quarterly post will be March 1st

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fox Run Vineyards

Today my daughter and I visited some wineries on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes area of NY.

One of our favorites is Fox Run Vineyards.  Across the street is the north end of Seneca Lake:

A new addition to this winery is a gorgeous handcrafted gate:

This gate depicts a variety of trees and a few white tailed foxes and is truly a work of art!

Another work of art is this bronze statue:

But the true work of art is the vineyard and the wine they produce!!

If you find yourself in the Finger Lakes Region, you must visit the vineyards!  There are over 50 wineries on Seneca Lake!!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Have you tried a Moscow Mule yet?.....

This cocktail is very simple to make.

All you need is ginger beer, vodka and lime!

AND a copper mug:

Ginger beer is non-alcoholic (it has a hint of rosemary taste to me) and the "1911 vodka" is locally made (from Beak & Skiff apples).  

You can't have a cocktail without a little snack, so I made a cheese and salami stromboli:

What's your favorite Happy Hour snack?

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Can you spare a minute?.....

UPDATE:  Voting is closed and my mask will be worn in the opera!!  Thanks!

I would appreciate it if you could go to:

and vote for my mask that I created for Rigoletto!

There is no sign in, just "one click" by my name, and scroll to click on "vote" - that's it!

Patti Pultorak, Cicero

The opera features men behaving badly, and if I am one of the 16 winners, one will wear my mask!

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Do you really know how to boil and egg?

The trick to boiling eggs is simple:

Turn off the burner when the water boils.

No one wants an ugly GREY ring around the yolk!

Simply place your eggs into a pan, cover with cold water, place lid on pan and bring water to a boil.

 As soon as the water reaches a full boil, turn the heat off. Leave the lid on the pan. The heat of the water and the remaining warmth from the burner will be enough to finish cooking your eggs. Depending on how hard or soft you like your eggs, you can leave them like this for about 3-20 minutes:
For soft-boiled, remove them from the water in three minutes or less. The whites should be set, while the yolks should be runny and warm.
For medium-boiled, remove them from the water in 5-7 minutes. The yolks should be semi-soft in the very center and the whites should be very firm.
For hard-boiled, leave the eggs in the hot water for up to 10-15 minutes. The yolks should be firm all the way through. It's difficult to overcook eggs this way.

This has to be the easiest breakfast food to prepare!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It's one of those days.....

It might not be 5 o'clock....but I am enjoying a Cosmo and some Moose Munch!

3 oz Cranberry juice
1 1/2 oz Citron vodka
1 T peach schnapps
1 t fresh lime juice

Stemware is Kosta Boda from Sweden, small bowl is from Toulon, France and I made the cocktail napkin from fabric purchased in Guadeloupe.

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