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Tales of the Traveling Tote #3

Welcome to Part 3 
of the 
"Tales of the Traveling Tote" 

Linda from More Fun Less Laundry chose the theme "Miss____goes to the Park" for this edition. She is hosting a MacKenzie-Childs giveaway, so make sure you visit:

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I grew up in Avon, Massachusetts..

...and one of my favorite things about Avon is D.W. Field Park.  D.W. Field Park is in Avon and Brockton and was donated to the City of Brockton by Daniel Waldo Field. The Park covers 700+ acre's, with 7+ miles of paved roadway, that encompass the park.  It's gentle slopes, many ponds, reservoirs, native trees and wildlife remind all that see it of a time, not so long ago, when the area was a small farming community.

Many visitors walk, jog or ride their bikes throughout the park.  My home was less than a 1/4 mile from the main entrance!

Throughout the years, I have had many picnics in the park...

…and as young teens, we used to be able to swim in one of the ponds.

This was the first place I ever went "parking" with a boyfriend!

And the first place my brother caught a fish!

It's the only local area where you can "feed the ducks"…. and the phrase "feeding the ducks" was also CODE for "parking"….

…there is also an Art Museum!

My high school ring is in the bottom of one of the ponds, but that is a story for another time!
It certainly is one of my favorite places!


In August I returned to Cape Cod and although Scargo Tower is not officially a park, it is historic and  sits atop Scargo Hill, one of the tallest [160 feet (49 m)] and best-known hills on Cape Cod. The tower is located in the town of Dennis, Massachusetts off of Scargo Hill road, to the south of Scargo Lake.

In the background, you can see Scargo Lake as well as Cape Cod Bay.  On a clear day, you can see Provincetown and Plymouth in the distance, but unfortunately it was a gloomy day - but a perfect day to use my new umbrella!

I also spent a few days on Snake Pond...

…in Sandwich...

…the oldest town on Cape Cod!  
The Daniel Webster Inn is a 300 year old Inn and Spa, a wonderful Inn with a lovely restaurant and tavern:

Around the corner is the Grist Mill and Park on Shawme Lake:

This is one of the oldest water mill sites in the US:

My favorite part of Sandwich is the Boardwalk, built over low dunes and Mill Creek.  It's always fun to watch the local kids jump off the bridge at high tide!

I also spent 2 weeks in Provincetown, on the very tip of Cape Cod.  This is where the Pilgrims, aboard the Mayflower, actually stopped before making their way to Plymouth.

I enjoyed many happy hours on the deck….

…and on the beach:

The Race Point Light House is on the National Seashore (I think that constitutes as a park?)...

…and the sunsets at Race Point Beach are stunning:

The next photos do not reflect a "park" but my tote enjoyed Cape Cod so much that I thought you would, too!

This is one of my favorite photos to take in PTown:

This was my view from "work" for 2 weeks...

...and looking to the right of the deck was the Pilgrim Monument:

The nightly dining on the harbor was calm and relaxing:

Breakfast on the beach at sunrise was just so peaceful!

Miss Kenzie and her side kicks certainly have had a wonderful summer and we look forward to creating more special memories!  

The unofficial end of summer in Central NY arrives with the Great NY State Fair.  The last day of the Fair was Labor Day, and most often the school year begins the following day.  I worked 2 days at the Fair this year and it is always a fun way to end summer - and this was certainly an extra-fun summer for me!

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I will leave you with this idea:

I am on my way to a party and this is the hostess gift….

…and it fits neatly inside "Taylor":

Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. Hi Patti!! Looks like you had a great summer with your traveling tote!
    And, omg, Jim and I used to go "parking" at DW too, I mean feed the ducks!!

    1. We were probably side by side….oh, the good ol days!!

  2. Wow Patti, you certainly had a fabulous summer!!! The story of your local childhood park is hilarious with the "feeding the ducks" hahaha and the mysterious tale of the missing ring. It's funny how local pond parking lots are so often the place for that kind of duck feeding! :) Oh, Cape Cod...I love it so much. And yes, Race Point is indeed run by the National Park Service and part of the National Seashore! Looks like you had the best office in the world for a few weeks there on the beach. Your sunset picture is just so gorgeous. Hurray for the Traveling Totes and a good reason to pull out the camera to share these amazing places! Linda

  3. Wow, Miss Kenzie had a summer full of fun! Loved reading about your childhood park. We feed the ducks along the trail at Zilker. Tried to get a a duck feeding photo, but there were too many others around. ;-)
    I think everyone was wondering who is this crazy lady taking photos with the big bag?
    Love Cape Cod, and your photos remind me that we need to plan a trip back that way. Oh, the Atlantic coast is so beautiful. Love the sunset!
    Thanks for taking us along!

  4. Patti, I so love reading about New England destinations, and yours is wonderful too. All your photos with Miss Kenzie and the history with each is really a clever way of delivering all the great info in this post. My husband & I did a fantastic, whirlwind road trip through New England that included several areas of MA, including Provincetown, Plymouth, Boston, and Martha's Vineyard, and would love to return again. Love your recount of the park where you grew up, parked, fished, swam, and lost your ring (maybe made someone mad when you got caught parking??). Thanks for sharing all this. ps - if I were your host, I'd be thrilled with your gift.

  5. What a beautiful sunset on Race Point Beach! Miss Kenzie had a wonderful summer and must be missing having breakfast on the beach. How nice of Taylor to hold the hostess gift. You got caught parking? :-) Thanks for taking us along and sharing your fun summer with us.

  6. Oh, my...what a wonderful place to grow up...Love this entire post. Your bag and umbrella are wonderful...and I wanna hear the "ring at the bottom of the lake" story.