Sunday, February 8, 2015

What I do during a snow storm….

I has been snowing all day - we are expecting up to a foot!

It was a perfect day for "projects"

Look at this pathetic address book:

Now all my addresses are neatly rewritten in this new book:

I baked a banana bread….

…organized my scarves at the end of my closet….

…made a taco salad for lunch...

…baked more cookies...

…and I even managed to find time to paint a few things:

…tonight I will enjoy a glass of wine by the fire….

…while I watch the Grammys!!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Like spring here today. I worked in my garden and took Sadie on a walk. ;-)
    The cookies look delicious. I need to try that recipe. Of course the new paint projects make me smile. You had a very productive day!

  2. My goodness, Patti, your accomplishments put the rest of us to shame! I'm just "up the road" from Sarah, so I was outside pruning perennials in 75 degrees!

  3. What a productive day! I love that! I would love to bake more as well but I end up eating it all!!


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Thanks for stopping by!