Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another Book Table...

I recently bought an old black book table that needed to be "brought back to life".

These tables are getting harder to find and I think they are such a useful, dual purpose piece of furniture:

I painted in a creamy white chalk paint and stenciled, by dry brushing, a harlequin pattern in top:

I also stenciled a design on the book shelf….

…and on each side:

A quick and inexpensive update:

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  1. That is really, really cute, Patty. Doesn't look like an "old black book table" anymore! xo Diana

  2. Love your style. Just wonder if you have a blog with info on the paints you use on glass and porcelain. I would love to paint a teapot.

  3. I agree, Patti. These table are so useful. You did an amazing job of giving this one new life. What a beauty!

  4. What a great little table, Patti! I love how you painted it. I rarely see this type of table when I have been out in the antique/flea market. Maybe people are holding onto them?


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Thanks for stopping by!