Monday, August 25, 2014

Black and white checked chandelier….

I bought an old chandelier….

…and I took out the electrical guts and sprayed it white...

I added a few checks...

I adhered 5 dessert plates to each wing:

I also bought some battery operated votives... 

...and covered them with checked duct tape...

…one for each plate:

Here is the finished chandelier…ready to be sold at the shop:

The tag reads: 

Use this chandelier: 

  • outside as a bird feeder
  • indoors as a candle chandelier
  • on a table top for appetizers
  • as a holiday decoration     (display: small pumpkins, bird’s nests, Christmas ornaments)

The ways to use this are endless!
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  1. How clever! Your wheels are always turning.

  2. Very pretty, Patti! I love the way you so casually say, "I added a few checks" : ) I wish it were that simple for someone like me!


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Thanks for stopping by!