Saturday, September 28, 2013

NYC Getaway

I just returned from a "girlfriend's getaway" in NYC!

This time we spent a lot of time in the Chelsea district - which was a new area for me to explore. 

 A few weeks ago Andy Cohen had the owner of the Meatball Shop on his show, so we decided to have dinner there:

The meatball sliders were delish!  You can choose the type of meat and the flavor sauce for each slider!

I also had a salad with a lime cilantro dressing that was so tasty!

 We went to two rooftop clubs - Le Bain at The Standard:

The view from the open areas was just beautiful.  This is looking downtown, the Hudson is on the right, the new "tower" is the tall, lit building:

This is the can see the Empire State Building in the distance!

This is the view from the Plunge Lounge at the top of the Gansevoort:

and the other way:

Just check out these prices:

You only live once!!

I love looking at all the window displays - the round wreath of books caught my eye:

A quick stop at Tiffany's to buy a wedding present - I adore the yellow diamond:

A peek into the Park Plaza:

A quick stop at M-C:

A walk on the High Line:

It was fun getaway!

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  1. Seriously, you need to come out to the Island next time you are in town. I'm a 45 minute train ride from Penn. =)


  2. Patti, glad you girls had a fun time. I'd love of a NYC girls trip. '-)
    Thanks for sharing the photos. ~ sarah

  3. I went to school in NYC. It is something, isn't it? I am glad you had fun and what a "wreath" those books make. Clever- xo Diana


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