Saturday, February 23, 2013

An easy pedestal dish and Oreo Trash

I wanted to turn one of my milk glass dishes into a pedestal dish.  I bought some HandiTak and pulled a piece into a long thin strip.  I laid the strip along the top edge of a sherbet bowl and adhered it to the bottom of the dish.  I was surprised at how secure this was!

It was easy to remove, too.  I just gave the sherbet bowl a slight twist to brake the seal.

"Why did I need this?" you ask?  I made some Oreo Trash and desserts always look great on a pedestal!

I spread a bit of white chocolate on parchment paper and on top of it I tossed broken Oreos, Cheerios and broken pretzels, pressing them slightly into the white chocolate:

I then drizzled some more white chocolate on top and then sprinkled mini M&Ms and heart shaped sprinkles on top of that!

Once set, I cut it into pieces and placed them into paper cups, serving them on my new "pedestal dish":

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  1. That is so clever!! Such a smart idea to make a temporary plate stand like that! I love it! Perfect for parties. I've tried making the adhesive ones and they wouldn't always adhere. Your Oreo Trash (love that name) looks so so delicious. very tempted to make that to munch on during the Oscars!!

  2. Love that the stand can be temporary! The trash sounds sweet and yummy, I'll have to give it a try!

  3. What a great way to make a pedestal and temporarily, too, Patti! I haven't tried this stuff before, but I think I'm going to pick some up to have on hand.

    P.S. Got the post up about the sugar bowl and creamer, with a shout out to you! : )

  4. Patti, your pedestal dish idea is very clever. Instant and temporary so that you keep your vintage milk glass safe. This is a great idea that I'm making note of. '-)


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Thanks for stopping by!