Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Needed Change or Blogging Therapy - Which will it be?

I have set a few goals for this year: 
First and foremost, I want to stop buying things at the thrift store. Secondly, I want to stop buying things I don’t need. Finally, I want to create with a purpose.

 In the past two years I got caught up in the “I saw the greatest thing on ‘so and so’s blog’ and I want to make one” scenario!   I made apothecary jars from candlesticks and jars, I covered benches in burlap coffee bags and I made seasonal banners. I spray painted just about everything possible in Heirloom White.

I painted numerous pieces of furniture to sell or give away.  I tried chalkboard paint, glazing and marbling.  I made scrap fabric flowers, made scarves from t-shirts and designed fabric jewelry.  I made glass art for the garden, planted flowers that I don’t even know how to take care of and made garden markers from silverware. 

 I made pillows that didn’t match my decor, altered clothing that I never wore and made a few necklaces that are not my style.  I bought fabric without a purpose, bought chairs I didn’t need and bought some bowls that I will never use. I made everything possible out of drop cloths and burlap.

 I made gift boxes when I had no gift that needed one, I made gifts when I didn’t need to give one and I gave away too many things that I should never have bought.  I pinned too many ideas and recipes - most that I will never attempt to make!

I am afraid that I have BLOGGING OCD and CRAFTING ADDICTION - something must change!

I actually have caught myself browsing through thrift stores or garage sales thinking “Mamie Jane would love this” OR “Okio B would do wonders with this” OR “Sweet Nothings has been looking for one of these” - - CRAZY, HUH?  
So, I resolve to THINK before I buy.  And to create with a PURPOSE.  
And if that doesn’t work, I will need Blogging Therapy!  Does anybody out there have the same problem - or is it just me? Do you know of a good Blog Therapist?


  1. You are not alone! I do the same thing. Way too many ideas out there, projects done by bloggers who have more talent in their little toe than I do in my entire body, and yet I think constantly, "Oooo, I can make that!!" I have had to step back myself and realize that I don't have to try and keep up with everyone else. Just be myself and if people don't like that, oh well! Good luck to you!! :)

  2. Patti, I feel your pain and gain. We have just added on another two car garage, not for a car but for my furniture fixing and hobbies. It also has 400 sq. ft. of attic storage! I know what you mean and do so much just to share on my blog. But to keep it in check, I do have a booth at the local antique mall so I can sell all this stuff instead of hold on to it or give it away. I must admit, here in my area, chairs covered in feed sacks don't sell. I have to keep a close eye on what I do from now on too. Great post.

  3. Happy new year Patti! And I must say my sentiments exactly. I'm trying to use what I have onhand and stop buying stuff that will just sit there for days/weeks/months. I'm the worst with clothes. I'm married, 40 and two kids yet I'm still buying as if I live a J. Crew lifestyle. Want to make a pact to stop the madness for 2012? =)


  4. Patti: If you don't stop looking in my windows and talking about me I'm going to call the cops...Seriously I don't even know you so I don't know how you know all this about me.
    Oh wait...I just went back and realized you were talking about you...nevermind!
    Your possible missing twin:

  5. I'm with you girl! I've gotta start sticking with what works for me and my home. I have to say though, the pictures of your projects show off some great talent! You've got great style. I am a new follower. I can't wait to see what you create with a purpose this year.

  6. Patti, you have many talents and just want to share them! Don't be too hard on yourself! Perhaps, "shop" only in your home this year. This is a great post :-)

  7. Yep. A 12 step program is in order for this disorder. Nothing sells in my part of the country, so what I refinish or make to sell sits in my storage building.

    I have decided to blog with a purpose this year and vow to quit trying to make everything that comes down the pike.

  8. Okay you caught me! Would you like to be the leader of our new therapy group? I need serious help and I realized it when I started looking at all the empty containers (for potential of course), before throwing them away....if they made it to the trash and not the garage. Yesterday, I pried the lid off of an empty insulin bottle...these little glass bottles are sooo stinkin' cute, and you can...Here I go again, HELP!!!!! By the way I am a new follower and if you start a therapy group...I'm in!

  9. After I had to purge so much stuff when I moved to NC, I am determined not to collect any more clutter than I really can resist. That's one of the things I like about knitting, I work at keeping my stash manageable, and it doesn't take up nearly as much space as my stamping and papercrafting did. I am slowly weeding out even more in anticipation of movine West in the next couple years, I want to really just focus on the things I truly enjoy doing and that I will use for myself or gifts. Good luck with the resolution! Andrea

  10. I'm feeling like my head is spinning in a million directions..and I just started blogging. I do see all the trends...and cute ideas...and I want to copy them...but is it me...or am I just on some kind of blog train...heading in a direction I'm not sure I really want to go! I have had the same thought about burlap...everyone's using it...it's cute...so I go out and buy a few yards...bottom line is...it does not match my house...its really not me...so it sits in the closet...I am so confused about what I really want...and what I REALLY love! Another example is the heirloom white as you mentioned...everyone's painting everything white...I have dark brown, and black furniture...and kitchen cabinets and I find myself thinking about painting everything white...the only thing that has stopped me is the fact that I am so addicted to reading blogs...that between that...and working...I haven't had time...but do I really even want white? Maybe today...until I see the next blogger paint something a nice rich black...then I'd be thinking...hhmmm I wish that was dark...like I said, I am so confused since I started blogging, I need your therapy! So excuse me while I go join your blog...look back at some of your older posts...get some great ideas...and then maybe lay down with a cold wet rag on my forehead!
    Thanks for this post...I feel better now!

  11. Oh my gosh, you made me laugh with this post! I'm with you!!!


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