Saturday, December 11, 2010

The "Sport" Tree

This is my husband's special Christmas tree:
It's a wall tree that represents all of his favorite sports and teams:
Yankees, Syracuse University orangemen, golfing, baseball, basketball, bowling
and it even represents our daughters, who were cheerleaders!
This year the tree is in our bedroom with twinkling lights.


  1. I love the New York Yankee ornaments! Both my husband and I are Yankee fans!!

  2. This is a great idea...sometimes the poor men are left out of all the holiday decorating. This is super!

  3. OH gosh! My brother in law would LOVE that tree! lol!

    I finally got around to making my first tassel, thanks to a post on your blog! Thank goodness you had a tutorial, or I might have NEVER been inspired! ;) I will post about it soon. I'm also having a giveaway, I would love it if you came by to enter!

  4. Your husband has excellent taste! I have some Yankee ornaments myself! =)



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Thanks for stopping by!