Friday, November 26, 2010


One of my favorite holiday decorations are my Possible Dreams Carollers collection:
Some are from the 1980's and some are newer.
They remind me of Christmases past when people would go carolling around a neighborhood.
I remember having small carolling books (download one here: paperback carol books)
My problem was that I couldn't carry a tune - still can't - and if I was given three wishes...
I would use one to wish that I could sing like Barbara Streisand or Beyonce!
Where do you suppose I could find one of those old carol books?

Do you go carolling during this season?

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  1. Love your collections Patti. I have a soft spot for Caroling decorations and I am not sure why! I hate to Christmas Carol myself but I do love it when they come to my door!

  2. I like to think that I have a good singing voice although others in the household would disagree. Doesn't stop me from belting out the Christmas songs, especially when I am decorating!
    The carolers are a wonderful collection.

  3. You are right the carolers take you back to Christmas's past!! I miss the simpleness of the 50's.

  4. Your carolers are so sweet. We still get carolers at our house every once in a while. I love it!

    The last time I went caroling was in high school when our Spanish club went caroling.

  5. I can't carry a tune either so don't feel bad! I remember every year a group of men carolers would sing holiday tunes up the block from our house. It was so nice - a tradition I wish hadn't gone to the wayside.


  6. OMGOsh, I ♥ those carolers Ÿ

    Thanks for the tip about swirling the different color paints in the glass ornies. I will try that. Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday Ü


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