Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gift Wrapping Day

Sunday was gift wrapping day...and believe me when I say it lasted all day! This was my kitchen counter around 10:00am (I wont even show you what the floor looked like)
And I wrapped til about 3:00. Christmas music was playing in the background, and a pine candle was burning.

I love a beautifully wrapped present and sometimes I hate to open a gift that is presented so here are a few I wrapped:
This one has some linens from the Carribean, rather than a bow (a bookmark to go with the books and a square doily to go with the platter).
A special gift from the Yankee Store in NYC for "hubby":
And a surprise for Ray:
So, a productive day and now I am ready to just sit back and enjoy the holidays!


  1. I am just a few days behind on my holiday schedule. Your gift wrapping looks lovely. Merry Christmas.

  2. Wow! Beautiful packages!!! Those aren't just gifts they are art with such thought behind the extra little embellishments. Perfect!!

  3. I'd hate to open your gifts too - they are just too pretty!


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Thanks for stopping by!