Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NYC Continued...Buildings and People

NYC Part 3 ....The Empire State Building is the tallest building in NY and the second tallest in the country. The building has 102 floors and the observatory is on the 86th. The view from this observatory is stunning, especially looking down onto Central Park, a sea of calm green in the midst of skyscrapers and traffic!
Times Square also has some tall buildings. The old Paramount Building is the dark brown on the right, Hard Rock Cafe lives there now!
The Plaza, uptown, has some beautiful character and borders Central Park. I'd love to stay in the penthouse...
I read somewhere that the Plaza was turning its rooms and suites into condos. I couldn't afford to stay one night when it was a hotel, so I imagine I can't afford the penthouse! The lobby has the most spectacular chandeliers, and the largest apothecary jars I have ever seen!
And everywhere were these garish tables with fresh flowers:
I haven't a clue what this building is, but it was a tall one!
And I was fortunate to see some interesting people. Spiderman must live in midtown....
maybe in the same neighborhood as Elmo?
And here was my favorite guy....
It is tricky taking photographs of people without permission. But my thought is this....why would you dress so uniquely if you didn't want to be noticed? So, I snapped a few shots. I hope you can see the hair-do...I think it resembles the Empire State Building!!
And finally, not a great photograph, but again, I didn't want to OBVIOUS...Here is the Statue of Liberty, sitting by Central Park, on her cell phone!

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  1. There are some characters in NYC...you seem to have spotted quite a few of them. Hope you're having a great trip.


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