Sunday, June 21, 2009

I think we are settled in...

A few more photos of the house...a before and after of the Great Room/Kitchen and Morning Room.

master bedroom: and my favorite chandelier:

I don't miss the old house....probably because I am so in awe of this new place. I expect that my last trip over to that house will sadden me with a walk down Memory Lane...a 30 year walk!!

Pandora has finally come out from under the bed and realizes that this IS home...and my hubby has begun to organize the garage ( I am hoping he builds a Card Room/Exercise area/Man Cave/"whatever you call it" in the cellar - I need a place to send him when he gets on my nerves....Like right now:
He: What are you doing?
She: Nothing
He: Well, you must be doing something
She: Working on the computer
He: E-mailing?
She: Nope
He: Then what?
She: Not much, because I have to keep answering you!!!
and it goes on and he needs a special place for me to send him and I need to "plant the seed" now so he can think it was his own idea)

School ends this week and I am off to Ohio to await the arrival of our grandson. That reminds me of the reason I began was to have a place to keep photos of him....I started early so that I would be somewhat experienced by the time he arrived. I am ready....BUT IS HE?
Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. The house is looking wonderful; you must be having so much fun decorating it all!