Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Let's use the pretty stuff....

I am not sure why we don't use the "pretty stuff".
Maybe because they need to be hand washed?  
Or maybe because we don't want to chip or break any pieces?  
Or maybe we are to lazy to pull them out of the china cabinet.

But today I decided to use these pretty dishes!!

These were my Mom's and they have been in the basement, in boxes, for a few years!

The label is unfamiliar to me - BUT we all were born in the Boston area!!

The bread dishes are from Crate and Barrel, and the flatware is from Pottery Barn:

The dishes are a beautiful, royal navy with gold trim:

The butter dish is from Anthropologie:

I decided I better use the platter under the soup tureen as I am going to put beef stew inside!


And WHY no wine glasses on the table?  Because we decided to have a glass before dinner - - in the "pretty" glasses:

How often do you use the "pretty stuff"???

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  1. awwwwwwwwwwww...LOVE those dishes; yet, alas, I am a dishware whore!!! Seriously. Like I have an addiction and my friends will shield me from the dishes and stemware areas of the store when shopping!
    I've always said I would rather see one of my mom's beautiful dishes or crystal be broken WHILE being used than to sit in my china cabinet UNUSED! Because if we're using it, we are having a fun time together even when it's not a holiday!
    And I just took everything out to make a beef stew tomorrow....great home ec minds!....and now you've given me the idea to use the good stuff!!!

  2. Beautiful dishes and all the more special because they were your mom's. I don't hesitate to use all of our things because they can't be enjoyed if they are packed away. If something breaks, at least we had the joy of using it. My mother-in-law felt very strongly about this, so I've always followed her advice. '-)
    Glad you are using these dishes. Beautiful table!

  3. I use the pretty stuff, yes. Yours is so very pretty, Patti.

  4. I try to use all my dishes, even my wedding pattern which was discontinued immediately after we were married! My mother uses her good Lenox dishes everyday, with another special set for the holidays, so I grew up washing and drying them three times a day, everyday! Your mother's dishes are very pretty and make a beautiful setting on the table. Yum, beef stew sounds delicious on this cold day! Linda

  5. Using beautiful dishes makes my heart sing! I inherited my love of dishes from my grandmother, and I still use the pretty stuff. Yours is so pretty, and the beef stew sounds wonderful too.

  6. Your mom's dishes are beautiful and oh so special. I love the platter underneath the tureen and the beef stew is perfect for serving in it. I need to use more of my pretty dishes. I always hesitate because I's so afraid of a chip or break. It just doesn't makes sense not use them!

  7. Pretty stuff, I would say so. What a love table you have set.


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Thanks for stopping by!