Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Table Setting Ideas, from year's past....

I am trying to decide how I will set the table for Christmas Dinner this year, so I looked through some old photos of past settings I used during December.

We have an intimate Christmas Eve dinner and a crowd on Christmas Day!

This was last year....can you see the Christmas Crackers on each plate?

Never again!!  What a mess of confetti everywhere - but it sure was fun!!  This is what my pretty table looked like after dinner!!

I am stumped, but thinking I might go with a green cream and white setting, maybe something woodsy?  
Do you plan your table settings ahead of time?

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  1. What nice table settings. I love the center pieces. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. You have some beautiful settings....and you sure know how to use them....these are all amazing.
    With over 20 for Christmas Eve dinner, we use paper...but don't tell anyone...LOL

  3. You have put together some lovely tables over the years! Love the striped chair covers. I just emailed you a green cream and white theme. I do like a woodland theme.

  4. Oh my what a host of beautiful Christmas tablescape those snowman salad plates, how adorable they look and perfect for the season :) I would love to set up a woodsy themed tablescape, would be so much fun playing with color and all the textures :) Merry Christmas~hugs, Poppy

  5. Your table settings are beautiful! Wow, what a treat it would be to eat at your house. I like the fact that your settings are lovely but look like actual tables where people could sit and be comfortable! :)

  6. Truly beautiful Christmas table decoration idea. Loved candles decoration most. Well I am planning to throw a dinner party on my birthday at venue Houston TX and will invite my friends there. For decoration will hire reputed floral decorating services.


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