Monday, June 15, 2015

The Traveling Tote Series - Part 1

To familiarize yourself with how this series began, read about it HERE

This is the first post and the links of the other participants are at the bottom of this post .

I was quite giddy the day my tote arrived - and I named her Miss Kenzie.

I have to say that I didn't think retirement would be so much fun!  I am fortunate that I can take daily and weekly jaunts when I feel like it.  As I finished this post, and proofread it, I realized that I have been very busy and more than that, very fortunate to be able to have this much fun…. so here goes, a few months of adventures with my Traveling Tote….

When my new tote arrived in February, she sat by the fireplace filled with winter throws - it was a snowy and especially cold winter in Central NY:

This old M-C tote bag has been "retired" and now houses my grandson Carter's, toys:

Miss Kenzie's first trip was in mid February, to Albany, to grade teacher certification exams (holding my iPad, make-up bag and files:

…and then at the end of February she followed me to Boston to celebrate my dear friend's 60th birthday.  She loved to fly but was "squished" in the overhead compartment for over an hour!

On the return trip she housed my "masterpiece" from our painting party:

She followed me to Albany again, in March, for more grading of exams:

On Easter Sunday Miss Kenzie traveled to Rochester, filled with Easter baskets, presents…. 

….and my MC pedestal platter to hold desserts:

Mid April we made another trip to Albany to grade more state exams:

"She" loves to drag me to the Regional Market for fresh veggies and fruit:

At the end of April I made an impulsive decision to buy Miss Kenzie a little sister.  
Introducing "Taylor":

I was giddy again!

Taylor was used recently as a centerpiece for a brunch:

I exchanged summer reading with a friend, and the bag held some of the choices:

I took Taylor "home" the last day of April to Mackenzie-Childs in Aurora, on Cayuga Lake:

We had lunch at Fargo in the village….

…the flowers were blooming outside the pub...

…and we visited the Arts and Design Center across the street - Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs tableware is sold here...

…and the Bet The Farm Winery next door...

Our day continued on in Skaneateles to the historic Sherwood Inn ~ I hung "her" on the hitching post!:

…we had a tasty Bloody Mary and snacks for Happy Hour at the Sherwood!

For Mother's Day we went to Ohio for 5 days to spend time with my daughter and grandson:

And a special Mother's Day treat was hiding inside when we returned home:

Mid May brought us back to Albany to grade more state exams

Albany is almost midway from my home to Boston, so we traveled on a few hours to have dinner with high school friends…....lunch with my niece the next day….….and dinner with my aunt and cousin…

Kenzie and Taylor had a craving to go to the ocean, so we traveled on to Cape Cod to visit with college friends, walk the beach, and of course to do some dining out and shopping!  This is my morning view at my girlfriend's home in Sandwich:

…and then it was time to return home to NY.

I took Miss Kenzie to the Regional market for fresh veggies and flowers, we have been anitiquing, and also on lots of shopping adventures.

At the end of May, Mom and I spent the day in Cazenovia, shopping and lunching on the patio at the Linklaen House:

The first weekend in June we celebrated my husband John's birthday at the Greenwood Winery.  They have an outside pavilion, great entertainment, lots of dancing and tasty wine!  

Outside the pavilion is a small vineyard and a patio with a fire pit!

We look forward to some quick jaunts over the summer and maybe even a picnic or two, so  check back on September 15 for the next post of the Traveling Tote!

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Part 2 will be posted on July 30th!

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  1. Patti, You are definitely a Girl on the Go!! I would come along with you and carry Miss Kenzie or Miss Taylor just to see some of the wonderful places. I must get to Aurora some time and explore those restaurants and shops. And poor Miss Kenzie stuffed into the overhead! Did she complain or is she a happy traveler? Miss Rosie is closer in size to Miss Taylor, I think--perfect for everyday use. She'll be headed to Cape Cod soon for her maiden voyage, and we will think of you and Miss Kenzie when we pass Sandwich! Thanks for the wonderful idea, Patti! I had so much fun playing along with you and the other traveling tote ladies! Linda

  2. Your tote has certainly been traveling Patti! I looks like quite the handy and versatile companion! Love the little sis Taylor too!

  3. Miss Kenzie sure has traveled extensively since you adopted her! I love that tote...

  4. Patti, you and Miss Kenzie covered a lot of territory in recent months! I love this idea! It's fun to see what my friends are doing. You are a busy lady! I've been retired since 1998, so I've slowed down a bit. Retirement offers such wonderful opportunities. Sometimes I wonder how I had time to work! Ha!
    Thanks again for the shopping alert and for this clever series idea. Miss CC and I are planning our next adventures as I type. Oh, and there is a little sister in my closet too. I've had her for years, but I think it's time she gets a little attention too. ;-)

  5. Miss Kenzie has taken you to some wonderful places! Are you bringing her to the barn sale? I'm sure that Miss Taylor is enjoying her every-day excursions too. Thanks for letting me know about the "deal" on the tote, and I look forward to many more excursions with Miss Aurora.

  6. A traveling tote is a charming idea, and your photo journey was a blast!

  7. It looks like you and Miss Kenzie had a fabulous time together out and about. I love the addition of Miss Taylor, and I'm sure she was a help with all your supplies and travel, Patti.


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