Wednesday, June 10, 2015

French Provincial to Shabby….

A friend of a friend recently gave me this French Provincial Curio Cabinet. 

 I fell immediately in LOVE!

BUT…the gold and yellowing finish had to GO!

A quick Ebay search showed many selling for hundreds of dollars, but I wanted to keep this lovely piece!

I gave the piece a quick coat of a white chalk paint and mixed clear and dark wax together.  Here you can see where I applied the wax on the top:

I only spent a few hours to bring this piece back to life!

I haven't decided where it should stay, but for now it is in my dining area.

The bottom shelf is covered in MacKenzie-Childs wrapping paper!

The top detail is so gorgeous!

So, for now it will display a few odd M-C pieces until I decide where it should go!

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  1. Patti, it is a beautiful piece. What a wonderful share from your friend. I know she is pleased that you wanted this piece for your own home. You worked your magic, and presto, a gorgeous new piece for your home.

  2. The top detail is so ornate! I know the cabinet will enjoy it's new home. I'm coming over this winter when things slow down so you can teach me how to paint. I'll even bring my own small cabinet.

  3. Patti, You were blessed to receive this and what you did with it along with what is inside is just beautiful!

  4. It is beautiful! You done a great job! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. omygosh....what a lovely piece and even lovelier friend. :)
    Love your makeover.

  6. Such a gorgeous piece, Patti! Much prettier with your paint makeover, too. I would definitely give up my oak corner curio for something like this any day!

  7. What a beautiful piece! I really like how the paper on the bottoms shelf matches your dishes.

  8. What a beautiful piece! I really like how the paper on the bottoms shelf matches your dishes.


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Thanks for stopping by!