Monday, March 16, 2015

Rug Pads - Are they necessary?

Rug Pad Corner recently contacted me to see if I was interested in writing a review on their rug pads.  

The timing was perfect as I had just begun researching the importance and value of rug pads!  Delivery was very quick and I was anxious to place the pads under my hallway runner and living room rug.

In my research I found that the back area of rugs can scratch hardwood floors, which causes the finish to wear off. 

 I have a runner in my hallway that is always creeping around, so I needed to prevent this wear and scuffing from happening to my floor.  The long pad from Rug Pad Corner was measured perfectly:

Rug pads also "grip" the rug itself, as well as the floor, and eliminates the rug from wrinkling - have you ever tripped on a wrinkled rug?  Ugghhhh!

A rug that sits on a rug pad can be vacuumed more effectively than one that sits directly on the floor because air flows through it more easily, making it possible to remove more dirt and dust.  A rug pad also makes the rug more comfortable to walk and stand on, adding extra cushion.

Rug Pad Corner pads are made in the USA, and are organic (no chemicals or odors).

This is my great room rug...

…and again, this pad was measured perfectly!

The rug pad added additional comfort for walking on this rug!

So, to answer the question in the title of this post - YES, rug pads are certainly necessary and I am very pleased with this company!!

Visit Rug Pad Corner to order your rug pad now!

My readers can use REVIEW15 for a 15% discount off your entire order. 

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(I received 2 rug pads as compensation for an objective review.)


  1. I agree that rug pads are necessary. Have always used them and will check out the Rug Pad Corner.

  2. My parents need these. Their rugs are always slipping and sliding when we visit thanks to my boys mostly, but I have tripped on them a few times when we're there.


  3. I use them all the time but I don't use the rubberized ones on my hardwood floors...but I do use them on tiling. xo Diana

  4. Like carpet pads, rug pads also help your rugs last longer. - Ellen


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