Thursday, September 4, 2014

End of the summer luncheon...

My favorite thing about using my MacKenzie-Childs dishes is that they mix and match so well.  It is also fun to watch my guests choose their seats because of their favorite patterns!

I set the table for Fruit Salad and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  And I finally got to use my new chair covers (thanks Alicia for the tip)

I placed my Mackenzie-Childs dishes on large striped dinner dishes I recently bought at Ikea:

All the patterns of my M-C dishes are different, mostly because I could not choose just one pattern that I liked best!

Preparation was easy, I made fruit salad ahead of time and quickly fried up some grilled cheese sandwiches after my girlfriends arrived.

My centerpiece was a bouquet of wildflowers
 (OK, it was artificial, but it looks real, doesn't it?)

Another fun afternoon with the girls!

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  1. I love your McK-C dishes, and I would buy different ones too, after all all their stuff is mix and match! I love the chair covers, I saw them over at Alycia's and thought they were so dramatic! Great table for the girls!

  2. What a delightful table...sure your gal pals loved it.

  3. Patti, this is a super cute tablescape! I love black and white stripes, and those dishes are darling! If they go missing, you won't have to look far!


    Sheila :-)

  4. You bought the chair covers! How fun, and a perfect table for the girls!

  5. Nothing bats mixing and matching patterns and MC pieces are great for that. A very happy table you have there to say the least.

  6. Patti, the new stripe plates and the chair covers are perfect details for the McK-C dishes. Like you, my plates are each a different pattern. I bought them so many years ago that most of the patterns are now retired.
    Pretty table, and I know you and your girlfriends had a fun lunch!

  7. Love the striped plates and that they match your chair covers...and McK dishes are beautiful!!

  8. The table and chairs and settings ....all just the striped dishes...gonna check that out.
    Love your chair covers, too. I don't have that kind of chairs so I can't use them. I CAN use pretty chair cushions, tho. Right now, I have black and white checks....we gotta stay with that black and white, hu!!


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Thanks for stopping by!