Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rustoleum is going to hear from me!!

Remember this table I just refinished last week?  Well it has been sitting beside my couch for a few days.  This morning I moved it by the front door to bring it to the Shabby Chic Boutique to be sold.


What is this yellow tint all over it?

The "guy" at the store said it would not yellow!

There is no way I can sell this piece!

The thought of starting all over is so frustrating!

So I am off to write a letter to Rustoleum.  I use their spray paints all the time and LOVE them, so I had complete trust in this product.

I am hoping they will reimburse me for this!- Does anyone have a water base coating/varnish that they know will stay clear??

I will let you know what Rustoleum has to say about this!!

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  1. Actually I think it looks great with the flecks of yellow tint as you have gold on the topside as well....I think it looks fine!

  2. Oh no! That's not right! I hope they rectify the issue pronto. Still the bench is gorgeous!


  3. How disappointing and frustrating! They should reimburse you for the product and pay you for the time and effort it's going to take to redo this piece. Hope you get a satisfactory response.

  4. Wonder why it did that??
    I use this product almost weekly & have never had a problem.

  5. I used to use a really good product that I bought from Go For the Faux, in Ft. Worth, Texas. They sell high-end decorative painting materials. Check out their web site, and give them a call if you have any questions. They are really nice. Good luck with your resolution. Cherry Kay

  6. Oh that is frustrating!! You did such a great job on the table. I'll be curious to see what kind of response you get from them.

  7. How frustrating...hope they make it right for you.

  8. I m annoyed with them too! I have been doing a lot of spray painting, and the last 2 cans either died while half full, or pours out when you press the trigger!

  9. Patti, I always use Minwax Polycrylic in the green can. It never yellows and I love their satin finish, but they have matte and gloss.


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