Sunday, December 9, 2012

MacKenzie-Childs, Aurora, NY, Christmas 2012

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This was a perfect way to spend my birthday weekend:  A trip to MacKenzie-Childs, shopping in Skaneateles, and dinner at the Sherwood Inn.  Stay with me this week as I share this each day.

 But for now, we will go into the store.  This is the entry, large pinecones hanging from Courtly Check ribbons and snowflakes hanging from Heirloom Stripe ribbons.  The square wooden wreaths are just lovely:

As you enter the store, you first see this huge sleigh.  It was filled with packages, pillows and a tree filled with M-C treasures:

Here is the sleigh from the other side:

This "pink" tree was standing between 2 oversized pink chairs and was filled with rosy colored ornaments and CC ribbon:

This tree was filled with CC and Heirloom bows and black and white pompom garland:

And this year's Courtly Check tree also sported Heirloom ribbon, rather than a Christmas red.  The CC balls and tea cups gave it the "true" M-C look!:

The "compliment" tree was decorated in a pretty aqua and shiny silver:

And look who was wrapping gifts:

And don't be fooled, he also sported some Courtly Checks - can you find them?

Are these the cutest Santa Boots you have ever seen?

All the trees in the courtyard were wrapped with twinkling lights and adorned with huge ornaments:

As you exit through the archways, you can see Cayuga 
Lake ahead and the Farmhouse to the left:

Stop back tomorrow and I will give you a tour of the Farmhouse!

John and I

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  1. Oh Heaven! I would love to tour this place in person! :)

  2. santa's shoes are awesome!

    hope you'll stop by (if you haven't already) to enter the giveaway i'm hosting:

    smiles to you.


  3. Happy Birthday, Patti! What a treat to spend your birthday week in Aurora. My dream!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. Love seeing the store dressed for the holidays. Can't wait to see the photos of the farm house. Enjoy! ~ Sarah

  4. Lucky lucky you!! What a wonderful trip and those trees are magnificent. Stunning. Your heart must have been racing when you entered that store. I can't wait to see the farmhouse.

  5. Happy Birthday Patti! I love being able to be there through your eyes. It's like a Christmas present to me! Thanks...I'll be back.


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