Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Assorted MacKenzie-Childs Dishes

I used my "new" M-C dinner dishes the other day.  They just make me smile looking at them.  Each dish is different and I love how they all coordinate with each other in such a whimsical way!

Dinner was a pot roast (menu below) but I was just too hungry to take photos when I served dinner!

I admire the bloggers that can take photos of their dinner before they sit down....

and also those who light their candles and take photos in the different light of day!

I was lucky enough to be able to get this far!


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  1. Gorgeous china! I love all the pretty ruffled edges of each piece. Your china have the color hue and then each being different is so lovely. Your recipe sounds easy and delicious. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Thanks, Pam

  2. Oh, I am so jealous! The MC dishes are fabulous and what colors! Anything would be a treat on those. Just love it!

  3. Love your new dishes! They would make me smile too!

  4. Patti, you know I'm enjoying this table setting. Glad you found your bowls. Like you, I like mixing the different patterns of the Taylor series. Love these whimsical designs and the fluted edges. ~ Sarah

  5. I'll be right over! Love the MC dishes as you expect. Would try this recipe other than the sodium content in all these packets...I would blow up like a pig! LOL

  6. Oh I just love those MacKenzie Childs dishes, Patti.. I have bought some when we went to Utah but I have not used them. They look so pretty on your table....Christine

  7. I love your dishes! I'd love to own some MC dinnerware! Your recipe for the pot roast sounds good! Comfort food!

  8. Love the MC dishes! Thanks for sharing the recipe for your pot roast...sounds very interesting.




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