Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Lazy MacKenzie-Childs Tablesetter...

Yes, I can be quite the lazy tablesetter...and tonight is no exception...I can also be quite the lazy cook...and again, tonight is no exception! What's on the menu? PIZZA!
Yes, I will make the dough from scratch, stretch it as I toss it in the air, crush fresh tomatoes, shred fresh mozzarella, and pick fresh basil from the garden order from the local pizza joint and throw it on my checked platter!

I will also serve imported Spanish Beer in the glasses I stole while vacationing in the Canary Islands years ago Coors Light:
I will use my MacKenzie-Childs China paper plates and doll it up with some fabric napkins because I am out of paper napkins!

I will remove the candlesticks and plant from the platter and toss display the pizza, while I quickly toss away the box, pretending that I prepared this masterpiece from scratch!
I would invite you over, but you would probably have too much fun making fun of me!

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  1. Patti,
    I am with you and when we have pizza night most of the time I use paper plates we would be right at home there.........thought your plates were pretty and really liked your centerpiece, it went well with your placemats!!
    Bet you really enjoyed it.........not clean up
    Yeah!! work for me!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. I would be too busy enjoying all those lovely checks and your placemats, Patti!

  3. I'd be thrilled to join you at this table. It all makes me smile, including pizza from a box. ;-) I hoard my MacKenzie-Childs paper goods. I wish they would come out with the beautiful napkins again. Do you know the ones with the fluted edges and the patterns from the Taylor series?
    Fun tablescape!!! ~ Sarah

  4. I love to see Mackenzie Childs dishware.Probably because I have none! LOL It is just so fun! Visiting from Let's Dish!

  5. If had not mentioned they were paper I would have not realized it:) I hope the pizza was fabulous. Why make dough when Trader Joe's sells dough for one dollar? Visiting from Let's Dish, Olive

  6. Oh wow, it does happen to me that I see such gorgeous paper plates that I wish I had them in china, lol.. Honestly, you can't even tell. Dough for a buck, how neat! Happy Let's dish.

  7. Great plates.. really. And the fact that you are not slaving over the hot oven, whipping up something that you can purchase already made.. well that just goes to show your smarts. Love this post and your pretty setting. xo marlis

  8. I love that you've kept it real! lol Honestly, no matter how much I enjoy tablescaping, I find that I just have to break out the paper plates sometimes. No judging here. The MacKenzie Childs paper plates are pretty!

  9. At our house made from scratch pizza means the California Pizza Kitchen box is removed from the freezer in the garage, and we eat it in front of the tv. The most I do to dress it up is use the pizza fabric lapkins(they are large enough to cover the entire lap)I made a few years ago. Dawna

  10. Patti, you sure know how to pizza look good on a plate! Visiting from Let's Dish ;-)

  11. If the pizza is good, just give me a napkin, no plates needed!
    You MC are so pretty, I think that's the only MC I can afford!
    Thanks for Linking to Let's Dish, I mean Paper!

  12. Your "china" plates are adorable. If I served Dominos on these plates, my husband would think we had gone "fancy"! You sound like my kinda dinner companion - thanks for the fun blog!


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