Friday, April 27, 2012

Casino Wharf, Cape Cod

Look at this enticing presentation of a Chicken Waldorf Salad Roll-Up from the Casino Wharf in Falmouth on Cape Cod:
It's enough to make me drive 5 1/2 hours to have another one!

And these views from Squaw Island in Hyannis Port are enough to make me move back there:

Right now it is snowing in Syracuse - Friday morning, 7:30am - What is it with this crazy weather? I remember when "Spring used to be Spring"!

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  1. Hey Patti...that looks yummy! Never been there, have to try it out this summer!

  2. Snowing! It was in the 90s here today. Too warm for spring! ;-)

  3. It's snowing there, raining buckets here and somewhere out spring. Just popping in again to say hi and have a happy week regardless of the!


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Thanks for stopping by!