Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I NEVER owned a china cabinet until today!

I was driving down a main road in No Syracuse, passing a swap shop and this BEAUTY was on the side walk:
After a little haggling with the "swap shop boys", I paid only $50.00 for this Berkey and Gay piece from the 1930's. I polished it up, removed some dirt and dust and it was ready for my home:
It is in excellent condition and only I wish I knew its history.
Who owned it? Who kept such good care of it? What did it store? Why didn't a family member want it? Why was I so lucky?
So, now I have a place to store my grandmother's depression pieces, mother's china and my milk glass collection.
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  1. What a great find at a good price. It looks perfect right where it is.

  2. You lucky thing I love that piece! It looks great!

  3. This piece is beautiful. I would love that in my home.

  4. What a find!! It's a beautiful piece and looks fabulous in your house! And the price......awesome!!

  5. Oh my word what an amazing deal! Beautiful piece!Lucky you!

  6. Gorgeous! You got an amazing deal on that!

  7. What an heirloom treasure you 'STOLE', lol, It is really beautiful and looks great in it's new home. You lucky girl!

  8. $50! That is one gorgeous piece of furniture. Your post fits in so nicely with the information that Miss Mustard Seed shared with us via Leigh about thrift shopping. Congratulations on your find. I saw your post over at " Thrifty Thurdsay".

  9. Gorgeous piece, lucky find! I'm looking for a special piece to put in my little morning room off the kitchen. Where in Syracuse would you recommend looking for used furniture pieces? Do they have any second hand furniture shops around? I'm planning a trip there in the near future to go to the dollhouse miniature shop and the miniature show in May. I thought I'd try to look around for the piece I want while I'm there. Any help is greatly appreciated! thank you! Carolyn

  10. It is a beauty! Love this and for $50! Girl, you got yourself a deal. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Patty, you lucky ducky! What a gorgeous piece; and for $50 it's a steal. Good for you!

  12. It was meant to be in that very spot!

  13. Stopping by from the Open House Linky Party!

  14. Are you kidding me right now? $50.!!! I'm sooo jealous right now. That cabinet would be at least $400 where I live! Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

  15. OMGosh looks perfect in your home!!
    Great find!

  16. Hmmm...I thought for sure I left a comment on this yesterday. I guess I AM having some issues, aren't I? LOL!

    This is a truly AMAZING piece and the price you paid for it is just mind boggling!! You were definitely in the right place, at the right time and maybe even knowing the right "suga talk" ;^) Your home looks stunning too, so this fits in perfectly!

    I'm now a GFF and Linky Follower too!

  17. O, Patti, it looks sooo good in your pretty home. You were so lucky to find it and for such an awesome price.

    Mr. Sweet is practicing his black squares tonight...he has one of your lids in front of him and he says the squares are's getting the blue and yellow on without getting too much. whew...I sure am glad he is doing it..I am like a bull in a china shop when it comes to painting things like that.
    hugs, bj

  18. Wow, Patti, what a great piece! I think it was a great buy for $50.00, too! It really looks in great shape; I'm sure someone must have taken very good care of it.

  19. How lucky are you. That piece is goregeous and for $50??
    Im your newest follower, so please come visit me at and maybe you'll decide to follow me back??
    THANKS 8-)




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