Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Remember this little clock table I made from a candlestick and clock?
It was sitting beside the couch - not in a walk pattern. There are only 2 people that live in my home - my husband is the other. How could he not see this cute little table with a Pottery Barn plant sitting atop? As I heard the crash and rolled my eyes, I heard him say "who the hell put this table here?" Who did he think??
There were pieces everywhere, and it could not be repaired neatly. I glued the large pieces together because these plants are not cheap! Then I grabbed some burlap and cut a large square.

The trick to cutting burlap is simple. Pull one or two threads out to give you a cutting line on the grain:
Now you have a cutting line:
and the edges will fringe evenly:
I guess you could call this a quick fix:
The table is back in the same spot - Let's see how long it takes for him to "NOT SEE IT AGAIN"


  1. I have heard that myself before. and you are right there are only 2 of us here.

  2. Oh, Patti, I LOVE your plant wrapped in burlap. The neatest thing...(you DO know, don't you, that I have NO talent and am not one bit crafty)..I bought burlap today to make a cloth for my buffet in the dining room. I had no idea how to cut it but....thanks to you, now I do.
    I was hoping I didn't have to hem daughter is hosting her Bunco ladies at my house this week. So, I wanted to get this done and I think I can now.
    Also LOVE your clock table. Sooo cute.
    Gotta go read some more of your posts now.
    xo bj

  3. I love your solution to the broken planter. I learned a long time ago that my husband was just preparing me for pets and kids. I no longer know for sure who breaks what!

  4. Sounds like something my hubby would do too! I really like your solution and I appreciate the tip for cutting the burlap...that will come in handy!

  5. Men! I think the plant looks better with the burlap. Many thanks to the husband....

    and again...thank you so much for the coffee bags!

  6. Love the plant with the burlap! The husband is the reason I have given up on a coffee table. 6 foot++ and every time he reclined in his chair he hit the coffee table. *Sigh* some fights aren't worth the battle.

  7. Husbands, you can't live with them, you can't live without them!!

  8. You made a GREAT save!

    LOL about husbands.

    Yesterday, while hubby was still in bed, I went into the kitchen and was already disgusted with him before he even got up. I found cheese crumbs all over the counter, recyclables in the trash, and he'd opened a NEW bag of shredded cheese before we used up the old - - - -

    I tell ya, we can't live with 'em or without 'em.

  9. So funny about hubby not noticing!! Sometimes we can use that to our advantage (buying something new and they don't notice it for 3 months!)

    Great quick fix!

  10. Hi Pattie, I laughed outloud about your hubby! lol...Good thing he broke that pot though, I love the burlap. Cute! Thank you for your nice comments on my dining room table arrangement and Etsy items. Love the clock table too...glad that didn't break! Kristen

  11. This is so funny,my husband really is very observant,but he can't find/see nothin',it can be right under his nose.
    Love this burlap idea,I need to keep this in mind.
    And thanks soo much for visiting LazyonLoblolly,and your the first and only one that noticed my little Eiffel Tower plates.
    I'm your newest follower,sure hope you can follow back.


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