Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This was suppose to be easy...

Have you ever tried a project that looked so easy that you thought to yourself
"geeezz, an idiot a fool could make this"!

Well, I ate my words during this project...

I bought some flatware at Goodwill:
I took a mallet to them and I hammered the hell heck out of it - and it felt great!
And then I spent too much money for an embossing kit:
And "hammered" some more:
and more....
The letters aren't clearly stamped, the tool kept sliding away, and I got frustrated.

These are suppose to be garden markers for my herb garden.

Anyone got any bright ideas out there?

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  1. From what I can see, your project looks pretty good. Not sure I could tackle this one.


  2. I think they look really nice, Patti! don't be so hard on yourself :)

  3. Looks like your stamping is better than mine. I bought a stamping set, small metal charms and hammered away. Lets just say everything is now neatly put away for a day I have absolutely nothing else to do and a little more patience.:D
    Hope it is warm where you are.

  4. Meant to ask. How do you type a word, then line thru it like you did on "an idiot". Would appreciate your help.

  5. What's wrong with them, I think they look fantastic! Did you use a sharpie to colour them in?

    I sometimes do those types of projects too, you are not alone :)

  6. I have been very curious about this! Now that you have tried it ....and it is not as easy as it looks...perhaps I will wait a while before I try it!! :) Maybe it takes practice - lots of practice- what if you get some cheap metal like a thrift store cookie sheet and stamp all over it???

  7. I think practice makes perfect.

  8. It looks as thought you did pretty well!

  9. They look cute. They're supposed to sort of rustic, right? I bought one of those metal stamping kits a while ago and I haven't made anything with it yet, so you're reminding me I need to pull it out!

  10. I wanted to make some of those myself...I think they look great!

  11. Try putting some permanent ink over the wording so they stand out - it works for me.
    Your's look just fine and I think the paint/ink would help- try a sharpie.


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