Monday, September 20, 2010

Shopping in NYC

I took my yearly shopping trip to NYC this past weekend and our bus arrived just in time for lunch. We went to Ellen's Stardust Diner (the last time I was there was a few years ago and the Christmas decorations were smoldering and the fire dept was called in - but the waiters and waitresses kept on "singing" - it was a hoot)
The wait staff are all "Broadway wanna-bees" and sing, dance and entertain. I tried the Peruvian empanadas, but I have to admit that I like Puerto Rican pastalillos much better!
The restaurant is on 6th and 51st and is just a fun place to eat!
And Canal Street is a must for any "knock-off" you are looking for - Coach, Prada, LV, Channel, Rolex, etc:
And the Feast of San Gennaro was happening in Little Italy
We found a quiet little corner behind Cha-Cha's for an afternoon happy hour, away from the crowded streets and loud music:
San Gennaro
Street band:
There was lots of shopping, subway rides and good food (stop by tomorrow to read about Magnolia Bakery).


  1. Thanks for the tour, and sharing your visit.

  2. What no call? No email? Next time you come, let me know and I'll meet you and we can talk all about crafting and blogs and crazy New Yorkers! LOL!


  3. I am a 45 minute train ride from NYC - not far at all. I go in quite a bit for the day job. Have you been to the button and bead stores on 36th? It's like you died and went to button/bead heaven!


  4. What a fabulous trip. I haven't been in New York in more than 30 years. My friend from Fort Wayne and I are talking about a trip there and to Chicago next spring.

    This diner reminds me of Johnny Rockets.

    Did you get any great bargains? La

  5. Patti, you've got to tell me some great places to shop in NYC. I am going in December with some friends and one of the girls really wants to do a lot of shopping. Best places please.

  6. Lucky you in NYC! So much to do....looking forward to the bakery report!

  7. NYC is like a whole other country!!! What a fun place to visit!



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