Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Smoking Stand

I found this cute little smoking stand at the flea market the other day.
There was an ashtray on the top, but here's how the haggling went down:
Me: Would you take any less for this "old beat up" thing ? (my way of implying it was of no
Man with a few teeth: How much is it?
Me: Well, the tag says $25.00
Man with a few teeth: The Winston ashtray on top of it is worth at least $25.00
Me, with a big smile: Well, actually, I don't want the ashtray! (sounds like it should be free,
Man with a few teeth: How about $20.00?
Me (smirking): I thought the ashtray was the most valuable part of this - are you trying to trick me? (making "puppy dog" sad eyes)
Man with a few teeth: OK, final price - $15.00.
Me (trying not to do the happy dance in public, acting cool): Well, OK, I think I will take it (picking it up and handing him cash)
Man with a few teeth: Hey, give me that ashtray, I'm gonna try to sell it for a few bucks!
So I sanded it and sprayed it with every blogger's favorite Heirloom White - AND I don't like it!! It's too yellow for my taste, but I'm too lazy to spray it over, so the color stays.
And then, my favorite part, what I call the "doodling". I painted harlequin diamonds on the drawer and I striped the bottom of the legs: I am going to "doll up" the knob...but here is my problem....I never know when to stop the doodling. I want to add some black checks, tan polka dots on the side, some more stripes....
What do you think? Should I quit or keep going?

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  1. Well, I like it just as it is. I like the contrast of the white and tan. But that's just me!


  2. I love it as is!! Great haggling by the way!! : )

  3. great job on getting the stand price lowered! I like the harlequin pattern in tan and white, & like it with the white candle better than the dark one. I guess if you want to keep painting & you don't like what you do, you can always paint over it LOL. Your 100th follower, Dianne in Utah

  4. I think it's a great find and looks gorgeous now! Poor guy probably needed the money for the dentist. LOL! Seriously, I'm getting myself prepared for this weekend's haggling.

  5. I think the stand is adorable just as it is! I love to haggle too...even if it does embarrass hubby.

  6. Since I know how much you love some Mackensie-Childs...I think you should add more pattern. I would get out their catalog for inspiration and add some black for sure. Maybe even more color depending on the room you put it in. The little piece of wood below the drawer would look cute with some stripes...maybe tan and black? Have fun!!

  7. It does look sweet as is, but it will look amazing if you add more to it.
    Thanks for the visit.

  8. Great job!! Love the harlequin design! I could use a small table just this size too. Did he have another? LOL!

  9. Leave as is! :D Little tables like that are great decorating accessories. I know what you mean - I have sprayed a couple of things with heirloom white, but had to redo them with just white satin.

  10. Hi Patti,
    That's a great find!! I love your paint the harlequin pattern. I say doodle to your heart's content....and then show us the pictures!!
    Congrats on over 100 followers!!

  11. Well, Patti...I really do like the painting that you have done a lot! BUT, if you want to try adding some checks and dots, do it. If you don't like the look, just get out that Heirloom
    White one more time.:)
    The Tattered Tassel

  12. i say go for the glory! but you know Thanks so much for the panels.. So nice of you. I will make a pillow soon... thanks again.. Oh and love the card. May frame that.. mishelle

  13. Whooo hooo - - - you have 101 followers now!

    Love the little stand.

  14. lol, the haggling made me crack up. As far as the table its adorable.

  15. Love the "doodling" you've done so far, Patti! I love the harlequin patter {on anything}! It looks good so far. Maybe step back for a bit and see how it hits you.

  16. Patti! How cute is that! LOVE the diamonds!
    Thank you so much for joining in the Tales from Bloggeritaville Thrifty Thursday! I appreciate you joining in the party!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  17. Patti!

    I just got caught up reading your posts. . . I've been covered over this week and haven't been online much. You've been busy! I love the smoking stand--I can't believe you got it for just $15! And I love what you're doing with it. I especially like the harlequins on the drawer front. You must have a really steady hand!

    I also really like the lampshade you re-covered. Was it really as easy as you make it sound?

    And those cabinet knobs. . . those really are so cool. So is a Sharpie marker your only trick for making these? Or, again, do you have a really steady hand? I think you must just be really, really good with details!

    Hope you're doing great!

  18. I love it, the stand is so sweet and simple! What a great find.

  19. Sweet stand and sweeter price! Be blessed. Cindy

  20. I like it as is but then again I can't stop myself either from adding, adding, adding.

  21. Patti, that is so darned cute!

  22. Table is cute as is, but I say go for it. you always do such nice doodling. The comment made by "One Cheap B*tch" on the poor guy needing the money for the dentist made me laugh. That was too cute! Have a great weekend.

  23. I love the smoke stand!! Good job on the painting!

  24. Found this late...but I love what you do! Wish I had your talent! Doodle!!!!


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