Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keeping an Open Mind

I got a comment when I posted this photo a few weeks ago that made me stop in my tracks. I was sharing this photo of a mirror I painted and the comment made a few blunt suggestions to improve this cubby in my foyer. After reading it, I thought WOW, I didn't ask for any suggestions for improvement! But then I remembered reading somewhere that people often get in trouble sending emails because a "tone in the voice" is interpreted differently by different people.
So, I got up off my butt and walked over to the area and put those suggestions into action. Wow...was she right on target! I closed down the table. raised the lamp with another book and draped the cord differently:
So, lesson learned: take all comments/suggestions with an open mind!


  1. That's amazing the difference those little changes made! Thanks for the reminder to take comments/suggestions with an open mind because sometimes they can be a good thing!

  2. Except for the cord draping, I liked your original way better. I LOVED seeing the table open - - - any old body can have a "flat" table, but the fact that yours is a secretary is just special.

    See - - - there are A LOT of opinions about decor arrangement.

    I think if you aren't ASKING for suggestions, then we commenters shouldn't MAKE them.

  3. Good Morning Patti,
    I like the table either way. What really draws me to the table is the base, I love the legs. And I'm still loving the black and white!

  4. I liked both ways,also. The table is to die for. Did you make your lampshade? I'd love to see close up shots of your table accessories, especially since I'm a black and white lover myself.

    More! More!

  5. Ha, I kind of like the new way too! I have my aunt's table just like yours, I was thinking about opening it up, but think I'll leave it alone.

  6. I'm liking it this way better but either way works.
    It is nice when someone does give an opinion and bloggers are generally very nice when commenting so normally no harm done.
    Have fun changing it up until YOU feel happy with it.

  7. Hi... I found your blog by way of Mishebe. I was reading her post on her new knockoff M.C. table she just completed, then I found you. I enjoyed reading through your blog and your mirror came out great! I have a very similar mirror with a wooden frame like yours. I have been toying with how to re-do it for my new craft room. You inpsired me with yours! I am following you now and hope to see more of your creations!! Hugs!


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