Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Believing in Santa

I have been trying to remember when it was that I stopped believing in Santa Claus - and I can't remember - but I do remember the year I was in 6th grade and all I wanted was an electric organ.
I got one...and it was a "play by number" organ. I didn't know how to read music...still don't...but I could play every song in the "play by number book". I wanted that organ so badly that I prayed for hours on Christmas Eve that Santa would bring it to me...but I knew then that there was no Santa.

I remember it was so hard to let go...to stop believing...and I imagine it had something to do with the fact that if Santa didn't exist, then maybe the presents would stop appearing up under the tree.

Children seem to stop believing at such a young age now...Do you remember when you realized that the "jolly ol' guy" could not possibly deliver gifts to every child in the world in one evening?


  1. I remember where I was when I fully realized there was no Santa but I'm a little foggy on how old I was. My older brothers and sister were talking about there being no Santa and I walked in the kitchen and heard them. I don't think I wanted to believe them but then my Dad walked in and said something to verify it (not on purpose). I knew then that it was true. Funny how that memory still sticks with me.

  2. Stop? who stopped believing in Santa? you mean there's no such thing?
    I for one still believe!! LOL!

  3. I happened to find out when I was five. Too young to stumble upon on that stark reality! I remember it like it was yesterday. Funny how certain things in life have such a big impact. Ho, Ho, Ho!!! :)
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  4. Patti,

    Thanks for stopping by and your wonderful comments. I had one of those organs to, I know I had to drive everyone around me crazy with it. And as far as Santa goes, I am still try to believe. I have ordered a new red BMW for this year, no one should hold their breath on that one... Ha Ha. Hope you stop by again soon.
    Your fireplace looks great.


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Thanks for stopping by!