Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday dinner for a friend...

Saturday was my good friend's birthday, so we had her and her husband over for dinner.
Rather than eat in the kitchen, I set the table in my "dining area".
I call it the "dining area" because it isn't a defined room, but rather an area of the house that could be used for anything
The table is an antique table that was my mother's.
The menu was roast pork, spiced roasted potatoes, glazed carrots and warm homemade apple sauce.
The bowls are from my mother's Fukagawa china that my dad bought in Japan during the Korean War. The dinner plates are from Syracuse China and are only a few years old.
The star coasters are from Crate and Barrel
The wine glasses are from the Dollar Tree. I bought 18 last year and I love them!But I think these depression wine glasses look much better!
I bought a small silver bowl at the local thrift shop the other day and filled it with a crystal votive holder, some greenery and copper leaves.
I love the cute little legs on this silver bowl, it cost only $.89 at GW this past week.
I am joining Tablescape Thursday and Vignette Friday

Don't forget to enter my CSN GIVEAWAY for $45.00

Has anyone lost all of their "followers? Mine is blank....and every blog I go to , theirs is blank. Is this happening to you?


  1. a lovely place setting and a wonderful place to dine.

  2. A very pretty table, I love your dishes! Blogger seems to be on the fritz these days... Happy Thanksgiving:@)

  3. Very pretty, such interesting dishes. What steals the show for me though are your beautiful moldings in the room. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi Patti, thanks for visiting my blog today! My dining room isn't really as large as the photos make it look, but sure, bring the family on over. The more the merrier!

    I love your table - very sparkly and pretty. I'm sure your friends appreciated your hospitality!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Hi Patti...beautiful table!
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Love your table. Love the green. I used green for my tablescape. I'm fairly new at this so would appreciate being a follower if you can get it

  7. Love, love, love your green and white table...I am crazy about those plates and the depression stemware!

  8. What a lovely table for your friend! I know she had to be thrilled!!!

  9. I lost my followers earlier today, but when I closed my blogger dashboard and opened it anew, everything was there again. Just checked; it's all still there. It was rather strange. Your china is gorgeous, and I agree; the green depression glass goblets are perfection. I know that you must have had a wonderful birthday dinner for your friend. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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Thanks for stopping by!