Thursday, May 18, 2017

A sweet lilac story....

Many years ago, while I was teaching 7th grade English at our local middle school, I told one of my classes how much I loved lilacs.  The next morning a boy was dragging a black garbage bag down the school hallway.  He was stopped numerous times by teachers and the principal, asking him what was in the bag.  He told each one it was a present for his teacher.

He stopped at my classroom door and said "Mrs P, I have a gift for you."  Inside the garbage bag was a small lilac bush that he and his father dug up for me.  

Our home was new, with very little landscaping, so I was happy to receive such a thoughtful gift. He dragged the bag out to my car and he was quite proud of his gift!   Every spring I would think of this student as the lilacs bloomed and filled the air with the scent of spring!

When we moved to our new home, 7 years ago, we dug up a few sprouts from the large, 25 year old lilac bush to plant in the new yard.  Each spring the leaves would slowly appear, however it would never flower.  John said the bush was in shock - in shock??  But it continued to grow each year!

Imagine our surprise this year when we saw small blooms of purple peeking out from the green leaves!  They are small flowers, but that is how it all began - and the sweet memory of a 7th gr student lives on.....

...and I have LILACS!!

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  1. Patti, this is the sweetest story. Students often have no idea how special they make a teacher feel. I'm glad that the lilac is blooming for you. I think they are a perfect compliment for CC. Enjoy their sweet fragrance. I continue to enjoy the fragrance of magnolias as I cut and bring in blooms every few days. They don't last long.

  2. Patti, this story melts my heart. Seriously, I think I have something in my eye. So, so sweet. He obviously really liked you, and wanted to please you. I wonder if you know where he is today?

  3. Omg!!!! This brings tears to these ol eyes!!! And you won't believe this, but one of my former students also gave me a cutting of their moms wisteria plant that I had admired. Only yesterday, I told my husband that the "monster" tree was about take over the yard. It's beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ and every yr I smile with memories of that student and his mom!
    How cool that we have had similar experiences....Becky Homeckys!!!

  4. How wonderful! Love your story. I have lilacs for the first time in 5 years too. We moved our bush to the other side of the yard when it didn't bloom at all and this year it bloomed. Not very many leaves but a lot of small flowers. What will next year bring for both of us?!

  5. What a lovely story Patti! How incredibly sweet!

  6. What a thoughtful sweet gift.. A lovely memory to cherish...

    Please visit:

  7. New to your site via Katie's PEN! Appreciate all the work you gals do to keep me up the rest of the night after my new part time job as a blogger. The 60 hours a week at the design firm may have to go!-Laurel Bledsoe

  8. Patti, that is one of the sweetest stories I've ever heard! Thank you so much for sharing it--it blessed my heart so much. I'm rejoicing with you to see those blooms; wish I could smell them!

    Thanks for joining the Grace at Home party. I'm featuring you this week!


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